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Coldandcross Tue 12-Jan-21 15:39:46

We’ve just started a 4 month build project on our house. We have moved out for the duration. What is the etiquette regarding providing drinks & snacks for the builders, whilst we’re not living onsite, and also during lockdown? If we were living in the house and seeing them every day I can imagine it would be more the done thing to offer them hot drinks and food, but as we’re only popping in a few times a week, I want to be kind and keep them sweet, but also be covid-friendly! Any ideas?

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SoupDragon Tue 12-Jan-21 15:43:13

I think I would drop off a supply of tea, coffee and biscuits and keep it topped up when I visited. Milk they'd have to provide themselves.

MilkMoon Tue 12-Jan-21 16:43:15

It wouldn't occur to me to feel responsible for builders' teabreaks in a property I am not living in during a pandemic. Maybe leave them a kettle and teabags?

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