What colour would you say this is?

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YellowEllis Tue 12-Jan-21 13:40:25

Dh chose it this morning thinking it was the colour I asked for, but I think it's a totally different colour and I want an outside opinion.

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HasaDigaEebowai Tue 12-Jan-21 13:41:12

speckled grey and white

vminkookie Tue 12-Jan-21 13:41:46


Pasqual Tue 12-Jan-21 13:41:54

It's grey, with white specks

YellowEllis Tue 12-Jan-21 13:42:31

Well that settled nothing grinI asked for a light carpet with specks of grey and imo he's gone and ordered white with specks of brown.

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Veterinari Tue 12-Jan-21 13:42:31


speckled grey and white


StCharlotte Tue 12-Jan-21 13:42:59



ClaudiaWankleman Tue 12-Jan-21 13:45:33

It looks grey and white around the edges, with a brownish tinge in the middle which is probably caused by light, or that someone has wiped their feet on it.

Curlygirl06 Tue 12-Jan-21 13:45:45

Looks brown with speckles to me.

Itsokthanks Tue 12-Jan-21 13:46:42

Brown and cream?

Cheeseycheeseycheesecheese Tue 12-Jan-21 13:47:00

It's grey and white speckles but it's got a brown hue to it

YellowEllis Tue 12-Jan-21 13:48:55


Brown and cream?

I will cry if he's bought brown and cream carpet when I wanted white and grey. Praying it's just the lighting in his photo.

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Northernshepherd Tue 12-Jan-21 13:49:08

Looks grey speckled to me

RavingAnnie Tue 12-Jan-21 13:49:12

I think it's grey/brown with white speckles.

Regardless if you don't like it call them quick and see if you can change it.

Daydreamsinglorioustechnicolor Tue 12-Jan-21 13:50:07


speckled grey and white

Yep, this.

Anotherlovelybitofsquirrel Tue 12-Jan-21 13:53:47

Brown and cream

TheCanyon Tue 12-Jan-21 13:55:23

It is white and grey though

Daydrambeliever Tue 12-Jan-21 13:56:23


Besom Tue 12-Jan-21 13:58:53

It's greige but there does look to be quite a lot of brown in it. I would not trust my dh with something like this!

Hopeforhappiertimesahead Tue 12-Jan-21 14:11:55

Ring the shop, or wherever it was ordered from ask about the colour

YellowEllis Tue 12-Jan-21 14:26:03

I contacted the company and they've sent me this which does look more grey and white than the picture. I've ordered a sample to see for myself. It was brave to trust dh wasn't it! blush

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Stompythedinosaur Tue 12-Jan-21 14:38:37

Looks grey and white to me!

123rd Tue 12-Jan-21 14:43:04

First pic is brown/cream the second (later) pic is grey and white IMO

Randomrebel Tue 12-Jan-21 14:53:58

Its a beige colour or greyage.

dontgobaconmyheart Tue 12-Jan-21 16:19:59

It looks more brown and cream in picture 1 than it does picture 2 where it looks more Gregory (albeit I still think it's got brown tones). If he's only chosen it today OP I don't think it would present a problem to cancel or change your mind.

As a seriously fussy person in the shielding category I sympathise. Other people making executive decisions on your shopping is a real trial. Especially when I am the only person that can get it 'right' wink

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