Strange bookmark found in a book.

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draughtycatflap Tue 12-Jan-21 13:17:34

Sitting here waiting for the man to repair my heating and I thought I’d start a new book. It’s an out of print one from the 1970s that I’d been searching for ages. I picked it up and flipped through to find a rather surprising bookmark. I’ll post it a bit later just to keep you all guessing. 😀

I wonder though, have you ever flipped through a book and found something odd, surprising, intriguing or unexpected? I would love to hear about it. 🙂

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TroysMammy Tue 12-Jan-21 13:18:28

Sheet of toilet roll?

EBearhug Tue 12-Jan-21 13:19:45

When I was working in a library - a slice of cooked bacon.

Santaiscovidfree Tue 12-Jan-21 13:20:35

In 2006 I sat in ante natal waiting for a scan after a small bleed.. Flicking thought some magazines I found one from 1971. The year I was born!!.
Anything is likely but I say an old coin wedged in the book op...

draughtycatflap Tue 12-Jan-21 13:29:21

A sheet if toilet paper? Lol! You see I can imagine something weird like that being grabbed ‘for now’ and then going unnoticed until its new owner finds it years later.

A slice of bacon! Haha! Was it a cookbook?

Not an old coin.

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ILoveWillSmith Tue 12-Jan-21 13:30:00

Didn't belong to Princess Margaret did it?!

Luckyelephant1 Tue 12-Jan-21 13:30:25

An old love letter or card?


YouBoughtMeAWall Tue 12-Jan-21 13:31:33

I snipping of hair.

JustAPassingFashion Tue 12-Jan-21 13:32:28

A chocolate bar wrapper?

FrenchFancie Tue 12-Jan-21 13:32:46

Money? Like an old £5 note?

bellagogosdead Tue 12-Jan-21 13:33:59

I always thought the bacon was a library joke? I have found money before though. Tissues are pretty regular and grim.

Santaiscovidfree Tue 12-Jan-21 13:34:39

Condom in the wrapper....

Giggorata Tue 12-Jan-21 13:36:30

Kraft cheese slice

auberginesarenottheonlyveg Tue 12-Jan-21 13:37:13

a thin comb?
A twig?
Longish strand of wool?

JaneJeffer Tue 12-Jan-21 13:38:49

A cigarette?

AllChangeNat Tue 12-Jan-21 13:39:18

A photo of my daughter! Turns out the previous book borrower had been my mum.

Clawdy Tue 12-Jan-21 13:39:26

I found a faded newspaper obituary of an elderly man tucked inside an old hardback copy of Christmas Carol. It wasn't Ebenezer Scrooge, though!

Wildernesstips Tue 12-Jan-21 13:39:45

I have found an old train ticket before. I always used to just stuff something random but current in for a bookmark like a postcard or receipt.

draughtycatflap Tue 12-Jan-21 13:40:18

Hahah. I just got the Princess Margaret reference. Her husband was an arsehole leaving her those nasty notes to find!

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JaneJeffer Tue 12-Jan-21 13:40:35

Wow @AllChangeNat grin

JimmyTheBrave Tue 12-Jan-21 13:40:52

I found a postcard in a library book once. I put it in an envelope and sent it to the address on the card.

TheYearOfSmallThings Tue 12-Jan-21 13:41:55

I love finding old train tickets or bus tickets for journeys in other places and other times.

draughtycatflap Tue 12-Jan-21 13:44:54

@AllChangeNat Amazing! Did the book come back to you after a long journey and many hands? I hope so. I love a mystery!

A strand of hair! Bleurgh...

Here’s a clue. One of you are very close. 🙂

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EloraaDanan Tue 12-Jan-21 13:45:08

So many things. My grandmothers house was full of old books and I’d regularly find things random inside them.

More recently though, a party invitation. It appears I shove random stuff in books too....

Shaniac Tue 12-Jan-21 13:46:41

Money? I once found a Russian banknote and also a love letter in 2nd hand books.

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