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Mycomfyplacetochill Tue 12-Jan-21 13:07:35

I'm about to start working from home and have never done it before and I have a few questions if anyone can help?

Firstly is practical stuff like is the employer supposed to provide everything you need, I'm going to clarify that as computer paper printer but not desk and chair.

Also and this is what worries me the most how do you stay motivated? I'm fine in the office without home distractions but I can see me popping on washing and putting lunch/dinner on to cook plus day dreaming on or off my phone. I'm concerned even though I'm a grown up I'm not going to be able to focus

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Francescaisstressed Tue 12-Jan-21 13:15:04

Hi! Welsome to the WFH club.
My motivation this week has been quite low, so would advise the following:
- routine, get up the same time and log in the same time if you can
- keep your phone or any distractions you don't need away from you
- give yourself regular breaks
- don't be too hard on yourself, WFH can be hard dependent on home situation and role

Initially work just provided me a laptop, eventually they provided and desk and chair. If you are concerned ask for a assessment with facilities or something.

Hope that helps!

BashfulClam Tue 12-Jan-21 19:10:11

I see a target to get so much done before I touch my phone and have a small break. I do put on the washing in the morning then hand it up at lunchtime.

Tink1990 Tue 12-Jan-21 19:33:58

Welcome to the club indeed! Agree with the others, routine is key, as though you really are in the office. Log on and start work at the time u normally would. Log off when u usually would. Having that routine really does help with motivation. Make drinks etc to get u away from the laptop for 5 minutes every so often. Can't think of much else but yes, personal phone away from you for the first hour or so, it goes downhill (for me at least!) all day for me otherwise!

Justbetweenus Tue 12-Jan-21 19:52:13

Your company should provide equipment you need to do your job safely, eg. laptop, bigger screen, headset, keyboard, and mouse (as necessary), ergonomic chair. I’m not sure about a printer - maybe if it’s necessary ..? You can claim an allowance on your tax return which is intended to cover the additional costs of WFH.

Don’t feel bad about taking a few mins out to put on a load of washing. In the office you’d easily spend that time chatting with colleagues or going out to buy a coffee. And as long as you get your work done, who cares! I book virtual tea breaks with colleagues now and again to break the monotony of WFH full time.

mbosnz Tue 12-Jan-21 20:40:21

Our company said take what you need, when it comes to monitors, chairs, etc, but they wouldn't be buying stuff for us - like Monitor stands.

When I was in the office, some colleagues took ciggy breaks. My version of a ciggy break is a put on a wash/fold the washing break.

I always make sure I'm showered and dressed for my start time, and if I'm a few minutes over, I make it up.

Mycomfyplacetochill Sat 16-Jan-21 22:53:19

Thanks all. I'll make sure I get up early enough and set myself targets

Just need to not mess this job up!

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