Transitioning baby from formula to cows milk.. help!

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ToHellinahandbasket Tue 12-Jan-21 12:23:43

DS is one. He used to have three bottles of formula now he’s on one 6oz in the morning and one 7oz before bed.
I’ve just started giving him vitamin drops since we’ve dropped the middle bottle, and he has cows milk with his weetabix in the morning.

I was just wondering how much whole milk he should be having while he’s still having formula? Whole milk seems to make him a little sicky - he had a suspected dairy allergy but got discharged so we think it’s just a mild intolerance, so I’m gradually bringing the formula down and upping the whole milk to see how it goes

He also has cream cheese, yogurt throughout the day in other meals and whole milk in things like homemade pancakes and porridge fingers as snacks so we’ve gradually got him used to having more dairy.

I’m just a bit confused by the amount he should be having overall while we are transitioning from formula

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howmanyroads Tue 12-Jan-21 12:55:21

Why are you forcing dairy if he has an intolerance? There are alternatives

reluctantbrit Tue 12-Jan-21 13:05:00

I think the rule is not more than 1 pint/500ml of cows milk a day but that includes yoghurt and cheese. Milk is not a drink as such.

We went cold turkey at 13 months, moved already just to a small bottle first thing in the morning and then cows milk with breakfast and a small mug for bed. Both were just swapped with cows milk one day. As DD already knew the taste of pure milk it worked well.

If you suspect an intolerance I would be careful as you could overload his system. Why can’t you either stick with the formulas or ask your HV what other milk is suitable for a toddler.

DDiva Tue 12-Jan-21 15:59:07

We just swapped from one to the other giving the same amount. DD's intake dropped naturally.

But if you suspect an intolerance I would look into non dairy alternatives particularly for drinking.

ToHellinahandbasket Tue 12-Jan-21 16:30:00

@howmanyroads we aren't forcing it we were advised by the dietician to gradually up his intake to see how he responds and if he responds well to continue. It's a very very mild intolerance if anything now and mainly causes wind if given too much too soon, which is why we are being gradual as advised.

I was going to stick with formula for a bit for bedtime bottle and cut morning bottle and continue giving milk with cereal but with a beaker of water as usual, but dietician has been adamant that we ditch the formula, as has health visitor.

My instinct is to stick with the formula in the evening to be honest and research dairy alternatives for him during the day as I am nervous about overloading him and the pure whole milk does seem to affect him the most, which is why I've stuck with formula up until now.

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