Preschool online learning

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Sugarhouse Tue 12-Jan-21 11:03:22

Preschool mums have your children got online learning to do at home. My son is 3 and normally goes to his school nursery 3 mornings a week. We have activities put on tapestry at he moment 5 days a week 4-5 different activities normally a day. Does your preschool do this ? Do you do them? Iv got to admit it’s making me feel under so much pressure to do them even though I try and tell myself it doesn’t really matter if I don’t. I think I’d cope fine if I just had one child but with a 15 month old who screams a lot just logging on leaves me stressed out. I’d much rather just do my own thing and try and incorporate some learning in our everyday activities but I feel like I should be doing it if it’s set and it’s making me feel overwhelmed.

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