Indoor activities for an active 3 year old

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Kpo58 Mon 11-Jan-21 19:39:31

My almost 3 year old is very physically active. I'm really struggling on ways to keep him entertained inside the house as all he wants to do when at home is climb, run and throw things. Unfortunately the garden is off limit over winter as it's just mud and I have no way of stoping it from spreading around the house.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep him occupied?

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peapotter Mon 11-Jan-21 19:49:50

I’d still use the garden. Get a plastic tray or sheet to put inside the door, an all in one suit and wellies. Strip him down at the door. If you do it just before bath then you can combine the two. He’s young enough to carry at arms length!

On rainy days mine like:
Jumping on the bed.
Assault course over the sofa cushions.
Running up and down the stairs
Dancing to crazy music (shake your sillies out)
Throwing soft things like scrunched up paper at each other.

They also do other stuff that I wouldn’t recommend.

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Mon 11-Jan-21 19:52:43

I've only got a 2.4 year old, but we've been doing a lot of dance parties lately, and gymnastics too, but yeah, That might not be great for everyone! My DH is great at tossing DS around too!

BendingSpoons Mon 11-Jan-21 19:56:11

We use the garden but strictly shoes off at the door. You can have play equipment inside e.g. mini trampoline, pogo stick (modern version easier!). Can you make throwing games e.g. a bucket to throw soft balls, beanbags, balled up socks in to.

thewinehasgonetomyhead Mon 11-Jan-21 19:59:08

Just let him in the garden. Towels put down at the back door and just strip him off before you come back inside. Or buy one of those all in one waterproofs. Good luck OP I feel you!

randomsabreuse Mon 11-Jan-21 20:03:11

Throwing games - throw balls into box/hoop. Increase range/decrease box size until you find the sweet spot of difficulty.

Start catch games.

We occasionally throw light (ball pit) balls up the stairs - bit like tennis serve action.

Cbeebies has some young child friendly exercise programmes, especially at the moment.

Star jumps, running on spot etc.

Obstacle course - jump over cushions, mini hurdles are good.

Try to get out in any weather window - even if it's hand holding the whole time the change of scene helps.

We also have a mud pit garden in winter and it's rented so can't afford to trash the grass.

Little ride on toys if you have space.

SandysMam Mon 11-Jan-21 20:05:26

We have marvel mats all over the kitchen to stop the mud but would be screwed if we kept ours out the garden. They need to let off steam outside, don’t let mud stop that happening!!

We do games of musical statues. The dancing is a great way to burn off energy!


Kpo58 Mon 11-Jan-21 23:40:35

He definitely goes outside, just not in the back garden for now.

I really like the idea of throwing balls up the stairs.

The Obstacle course would be hard to do as I don't have anything to make one out of (my sofa doesn't have detachable cushions).

He's also not into dancing and won't yet follow exercise routines from TV (like cbeebies).

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BadgertheBodger Mon 11-Jan-21 23:44:29

Does he like water play? Mine used to like washing his cars/dinosaurs etc. Also strip him off and let him loose with Bath chalks! You can make a good obstacle course with tape on the floor - balance beam, circle to jump in, stand on one leg in the square. Twister is fun as well just do put your hand on whatever colour and make it simpler. Balloon tennis, roll him up like a sausage roll, make a ramp down the stairs for his cars with a length of wood

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