How many secondary schools are offering a full timetable of lessons?

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bendmeoverbackwards Mon 11-Jan-21 17:10:00

I want to get an idea of what other schools are doing.

Dd's school offered no teaching during the summer.

Now they seem to be doing a mix of live lessons and 'non contact' lessons. These non contact lessons consist of work being set for students to complete.

They say they need to strike a balance between live lessons and non contact lessons but I'm not sure why. Can any teachers explain please?

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2021hastobebetter Mon 11-Jan-21 17:12:56

I’m in a private school - everything is live with teachers on for constant email from 8am to 5 pm day in and day out. DC 1 is state and has 75% of lessons on teams although the music teacher did 20 minutes today and then kicked them all
Off as said he had a headache(!)😂they are well behaved but he was trying to get them to sing on teams 😱so I don’t blame him. Youngest child is primary and nothing - videos and worksheets every day

Fembot123 Mon 11-Jan-21 17:13:13

My DC’s secondary give a full day of online lessons.

Boonlark Mon 11-Jan-21 17:14:57

Some children can't cope with all day online live lessons. There's a known psychological issue with all day meetings etc online where the brain can see and hear people but also realise they aren't in the same room, bodily, and it causes additional stress. Having a mixture is actually a good thing and less tiring for everyone

KimNotEllen Mon 11-Jan-21 17:15:17

DS's school didn't do live lessons during the first 'closure' but this time it's a full timetable

formerbabe Mon 11-Jan-21 17:15:43

State secondary...full day of online live lessons following the normal timetable they'd have if in school.

KimNotEllen Mon 11-Jan-21 17:16:35

Although some lessons are work from other online resources with videos but the teachers are there to help with any questions.


EmmanuelleMakro Mon 11-Jan-21 17:16:41

I sk a secondary teacher snd we teach 50% live and the rest as follow up tasks.

piefacedClique Mon 11-Jan-21 17:17:16

We have a mix of live and assignments set on teams. All Live lessons have been difficult as we have a high percentage of digitally excluded pupils. This way pupils can access the lesson when they are able too using the equipment they have available. I live rurally and my internet has been glitchy through live lessons which isn’t ideal either.

m0therofdragons Mon 11-Jan-21 17:17:34

Dd 1 has a mix. Df dc have 5 hours of live lessons. Anyone who has constant teams meetings would agree that 5 hours of video calls is not a good idea.

piefacedClique Mon 11-Jan-21 17:17:56

Our pupils follow their usual timetable.

Fembot123 Mon 11-Jan-21 17:18:17

Mine seem fine with it but I agree it feels like a lot! It’s frazzling for anyone to spend all day online imo

CMOTDibbler Mon 11-Jan-21 17:19:03

DS is yr10, and although not all of his lessons are full length, he is getting a live lesson for everything but PE, Ethics and Citizenship. One of his teachers is off sick, so they have lesson by lesson info to do. Also tutor time every morning.
Ds is so much more motivated and happy this way than lockdown 1 where they had virtually no teaching

swashbucklecheer Mon 11-Jan-21 17:20:50

Some kids share a device so can't be on at a set time. In some places broadband is crap so live streaming won't work. You're dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. Teachers can't win no matter what they do.

Cactusowl Mon 11-Jan-21 17:22:50

Secondary school, lessons set on teams except one humanities subject where the teacher has set work.
Doesn’t work for DS (yr 8 SEN) as he is just illegibly copying down notes without understanding the point of the lessons.

frustrationcentral Mon 11-Jan-21 17:23:00

Ours is, including tutor time and twice a week assemblies. I'm very impressed!

3 double lessons a day, with most virtual online, just the odd one if the teacher is supervising the key worker children.

Luckily for us we managed to borrow an extra laptop before the schools closed, must be a nightmare for parents if children are having to share a device!

BarryGlendenning Mon 11-Jan-21 17:25:00

State comp, full timetable of lessons.

Whattodo121 Mon 11-Jan-21 17:25:26

Secondary teacher here. We are teaching all live lessons. But we don’t always stay online for the entire lesson, for some lessons it’s live input for the first half and then a task, and other times it’s a full online lesson all the way through.

Bunnybigears Mon 11-Jan-21 17:26:18

Our are following the normal timetable but the live element is the teacher is on teams chat during the lesson time incase anyone has questions etc. They found live face time style lessons just got out of hand with the loud students taking over and wasting time and the quieter students not joining in.

iklboo Mon 11-Jan-21 17:27:52

DS has around 75% live / set work / homework. 15% they're allowed self-learning time, but have to show or submit what they've done. The rest is free time.

AnneElliott Mon 11-Jan-21 17:28:51

DS' school is everything live every day. The only lesson that's not is PE where they get told to go for a walk or do a workout you tube video (hmm not sure how many do).

But everything else is a live lesson and then do get homework as well as they usually do.

Much better than lockdown 1 when there was just random bits of work uploaded.

PhantomErik Mon 11-Jan-21 17:30:17

Full timetable of lessons set online as 'Homework' resources & videos available to click on but no live lessons. Suits us perfectly. DD can pick & choose which order to do the subjects as long as they're all done on that day. She can take breaks when necessary etc

Live lessons are overrated in my opinion.

PotteringAlong Mon 11-Jan-21 17:31:46

They say they need to strike a balance between live lessons and non contact lessons but I'm not sure why. Can any teachers explain please?

Because some kids hate live lessons
Because not everyone has got instant access to a device and can’t watch live lessons
Because teachers are homeschooling their own children simultaneously and need a bit of flexibility.

nailsathome Mon 11-Jan-21 17:32:02

I'm a teacher at a secondary comp. We are all live but that doesn't mean teacher talking for the whole hour. They have time to do tasks, as they would in lessons. I am already frazzled after 1 week of this. Planning and delivering online lessons is so much more time and energy consuming than being in the classroom. And, whilst we have a desk, we do not have the setup to be comfortably online all day (this applies to most of our pupils too).

We also have our own things to deal with whilst at home which we wouldn't if we were physically in school; our own children, doorbell, dogs, any number of other things.

A full day of screen time is not good for anyone.

bonbonours Mon 11-Jan-21 17:32:20

State grammar school, more or less a full timetable of live lessons though sometimes they go live at the beginning to explain a task /introduce a topic and then set work for them to get on with. But teachers are available for queries then.
Last lockdown was majority just set work not many live lessons.

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