I get a new cooker tomorrow...

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WitchesNest Mon 11-Jan-21 15:16:19

What’s the first thing I should cook? I’m irrationally excited, I’ve had a cheap shitty cooker for the last 8 years that finally decided to give up on life and has systematically ruined nearly every dish I’ve made for the last 9 months. I can’t wait to cook properly again, but I can’t decide what I should cook first!

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AlCalavicci Mon 11-Jan-21 16:06:21

As tempting as it would be to cook somthing fancy I would stick to the very basics to start with until you get to know it better .
If you go all out on fancy food and it gets burnt to a crisp or under cooked you may never forgive your new ccoker .

Use each bit grill / hob / oven in turn over the next few days with tried and tested meals , so you can lean its hot and cold spots.
Good luck and happy cooking

LuvMyBoyz Mon 11-Jan-21 16:21:47

There’s a great post currently about quick and easy favourite recipes for you to try. Have a look at it. And have fun with your cooker.

WitchesNest Mon 11-Jan-21 21:44:56

Thanks @AlCalavicci I’d not considered that! I’ll take a look at the thread too smile

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AlCalavicci Sat 16-Jan-21 15:19:54

So go on tell us how you and the cooker are getting on , Have you burnt anything to a crisp yet ? .
I did many time when I got a new cooker many years ago blush

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