Sainsburys Click and Collect/Delivery newbie!

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LIZS Mon 11-Jan-21 14:49:59

Hoping to use to limit f2f shopping trips but a few (dim) questions from a first timer please.
How often are additional slots released? How far in advance do you/can you book?
Do you have to Check Out to secure the slot (suggests otherwise it lapses in 2 hours), if only to pay the delivery charge, and when do you actually pay for the full shop?
Can you add items gradually as you go along until 11pm day before or just once?
Are Use By dates reasonable, ie. if buying midweek for a Sunday roast?

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LIZS Mon 11-Jan-21 17:27:10

Anyone please? If there are no available delivery slots showing this week (and next not yet shown), and C and C only from Monday are there likely to be any additional ones released?

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Inthemane Mon 11-Jan-21 17:52:20

Hi hopefully I can answer some questions before someone else more knowledgeable comes along smile

You can edit what’s in your basket (saving it each time) up until the Cut off date. So you’d put an order in and check out. Then you’d go back in to make changes on a different day and follow the process it tells you as many times as you like.

You pay for the shop and the delivery charge on the day shop is delivered IIRC. You need to check out to secure your slot.

I can see delivery slots on my app from 12 up until the 25th Jan.

Sometimes they will release slots for the next day so worth checking back, but as there’s such high demand I’d reserve the first slot that you want now.

I think there is a long running delivery thread on here somewhere, might be worth searching for it?

Walkerbean16 Mon 11-Jan-21 17:57:41

you need to spend about £40 worth of items and check out but no money gets taken until delivery day.

you can change it as much as you want up until 11pm the day before.

I've had a lot of substitutions recently as I always forget to say no substitutions for things

so I now have a bag of limes instead of lemons etc.

murbblurb Mon 11-Jan-21 18:03:30

yes, turn off substitutions unless it is something like dishwasher salt or equally specific.

you check out within the two hours but the payment won't be taken until the morning of the delivery. You can cancel or amend up to 11pm the night before but do it earlier.

current arrangements; have some bags/boxes ready outside. When the driver arrives, he'll put down crates with your stuff in. Wait until he moves away, then transfer to your boxes so he can take the empty crates away. Obviously keep a good distance at all times.

LIZS Mon 11-Jan-21 18:05:18

So if you put less than £40 worth in at first , so pay the charge on checkout, then edit to add more over £40 is it recalculated to free delivery? C and c calendar is up to 25th(but only available slots are on 18th), delivery calendar only shows this week and nothing available.

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Oodlenoodle12 Mon 11-Jan-21 18:10:46

I concur with PPs that you have to order at least £40 worth of shopping. The delivery charge rarely is free but can be cheaper if you take a flexible delivery slot. You have to checkout to secure the delivery slot but you can amend the order until 11pm the night before. The use by dates tend to be reasonable but I'd agree with PPs that you should choose no alternatives for things you really want as they could be something completely different. In saying that they usually tell you about the substitutions beforehand and you can always reject them when they arrive. Also, you can't choose no substitutions from the app so it's worth doing your shop from your laptop.


midgebabe Mon 11-Jan-21 18:14:36

Sainsbury change the release dates and times , and from talking to my mam, this varies store by store

Currently around here they are releasing one week ahead , around midnight

C and c has been easier to reserve than delivery

NoWordForFluffy Mon 11-Jan-21 18:18:09

You don't pay anything until it's delivered. If is under £40, the only time you're charged is when they check out on the day of delivery.

I always add some of my usual stuff if it's below £40, in case I forget to amend or there's a glitch.

Currently - I have a delivery pass - I can see 2 weeks in advance. Last lockdown - when I didn't have a pass - they only showed 1 week. I've no idea if the two things are linked!

Have you tried the 4 hour delivery slot? They're available closer to the chosen day than the hour slots.

I don't get many subs and I rarely get short dates either. This will be location-dependent, I imagine.

CheeseCakeSunflowers Mon 11-Jan-21 18:21:50

Sainsbury's online picker here. New slots should appeared every morning, check as soon as you get up before they all go. Check out within the 2 hour limit to keep the slot. You can change your order as much as you like and checkout as much as you like until 11pm the night before. You will get whatever you ordered at your last checkout. We try to pick the best dates we can, the rule is to pick as if it is our own shopping. If the best date we can find on fresh items is only the same day or the next day it should be highlighted on the email you will receive on collection day. You have the option of refusing the item and getting a refund if you wish. The same applies to any substitute items.

LIZS Mon 11-Jan-21 18:37:54

Thanks , useful info. Will review available slots in the morning. Would help even if just the regular items can be delivered. If anyone can link to other thread please do, on the app so limited Search facility.

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Deelish75 Mon 11-Jan-21 18:43:43

I’m a delivery pass holder and I can book two weeks ahead, which is what i do. At the moment in my area delivery is fully booked up to and including Mon 18th, there are lots of slots available after that. Whereas click and collect has slots available this week, but they’ve locked down the following week.

When I book my slot I usually put £40+ bottle of champagne in and then remove it before my actual shop (delivery driver suggested I do it, been doing it for years now and never had a problem). Also when you check out don’t leave it until a few minutes before 11. Their system crashed once and my order didn’t go through. (Always make sure I’ve checked out by 10.30 now) luckily it’s only happened to me once in the 12+ yrs I’ve been shopping with them.

I find fruit, veg and salad usually lasts a week especially if in the fridge. I find the use by dates to have a pretty good shelf life, but I have had out of date stuff/very short shelf life delivered. The driver has always been great at refunding for me. Occasionally I’ve ordered something and the receipt says I’ve paid for it but it’s not appeared - don’t know why but the customer service centre have always been good at refunding me but unfortunately I’m left without the goods.

On delivery I take the crates through to my kitchen and unload there (driver stays at door).

EssentiallyDelighted Mon 11-Jan-21 18:48:22

Our click and collect seems to release new dates at midnight, for a fortnight ahead. No availability by 2 minutes past midnight at the moment, frustrating but I keep checking back. I started using C&C weekly last summer and never seen it totally booked out for the next fortnight before.

midgebabe Mon 11-Jan-21 18:49:02

Will say, service has been excellent. Where there have been problems ( unwanted subs, once a missing chicken) it's been very easy to get resolved. The staff wear masks and keep good distance.

EssentiallyDelighted Mon 11-Jan-21 18:53:18

Yes, I've only had the odd unacceptable sub, two missing items (same week, weekend before Christmas) and one damaged item all of which has been resolved easily. I like C&C because ours come from a different store so if there is something missing you can pop in and chances are you can get it there.

They email you beforehand to tell you about substitutions and missing items, then you drive up to the van, they bring your crates out, you load them into your car, very easy and safe.

EssentiallyDelighted Mon 11-Jan-21 18:53:41

Load the shopping into your car, not the crates.

CheviotEwe Mon 11-Jan-21 19:01:21

You don't need to checkout every time you change your order, btw, only after booking your slot and then when you do your final checkout. Also, you can choose whether you want substitutes on the app; it's on the payment page.

LIZS Fri 15-Jan-21 17:28:06

So have my first slot booked for Tuesday, will edit over the weekend then see how it turns out. No deliveries at all showing and only gives next seven days - are they held for pass holders perhaps.

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CheeseCakeSunflowers Fri 15-Jan-21 18:10:14

I think it works that delivery pass holders and people on the vulnerable list get to see 2 weeks so they can book their slots before everyone else who can only see 1 week.

EssentiallyDelighted Fri 15-Jan-21 18:49:58

All our C&C slots for the rest of the fortnight suddenly appeared on Tuesday so I got my week-on-Sunday slot back. It was a bit unnerving when they were all showing as unavailable when they appeared on Sunday, I usually book a rolling fortnight ahead.

LIZS Tue 19-Jan-21 10:03:26

If after substitutions the final bill is higher than estimated how do you reclaim the difference. Is it credited to next order? Will be rejecting a couple of items.

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CheeseCakeSunflowers Tue 19-Jan-21 11:41:24

I think if you reject an item then you get a full refund going back to the card you paid with. If you accept a substitution that is more expensive than what you ordered then you get a voucher for the difference to use next time.

DrunkenKoala Tue 19-Jan-21 11:51:23

They send you a money off voucher online and then you use it on your next order.

When you check out of your next order it will be there and you just click on it and it’s taken off your bill.

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Tue 19-Jan-21 13:27:10

There is no charge if you spend £100 and your slot is afternoon on tue, wed or thur. also just introduced a saver slot for £1 if you are in all day and are happy with a 4 hour window rather than a one hour. Keep checking back slots they sometimes randomly appear. Book one and checkout, you dont pay anything until delivery and you can go back in at any time to edit your order until the night before, this includes delivery slot. I sometimes alter my delivery slot if the original is a bit soon.

LIZS Thu 21-Jan-21 09:43:52

Just did a Morrison's order, to mix it up a bit and they had weekend c and c slots whereas Sainsburys is already at Wednesday. Only get an hour to checkout and it repeatedly rejected my card! They automatically charge for bags too. Will see how it works in comparison.

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