Who has got a beautiful and functional kitchen floor?

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Stumpedasatree Mon 11-Jan-21 12:58:53

If so what have you got?

We have had so many things go wrong with ours and are about to get the limestone tiling taken up and replaced (unstable sub floor) with a new floor. 2 DC and 1 big dog, so needs to be easily maintained and cleaned.

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AtLeastThreeDrinks Mon 11-Jan-21 14:04:26

We've got Amtico, looks like wood but is made of vinyl. Recommended by a builder and complimented by another builder and a decorator!

Sillybillypoopoomummy Mon 11-Jan-21 14:04:36

me! Karndean (auckland oak) on underfloor heating - 10 years old and good as new!

nimbuscloud Mon 11-Jan-21 14:12:52

We have engineered oak with an oiled finish with underfloor heating. It’s by Kahrs.
Very durable, easy to clean.

Rafflesway Mon 11-Jan-21 14:14:27

Natural Indian slate here! We have it in both the kitchen and utility.

Certainly the uneven surface takes some getting used to and it does need sealing with pretty regular top ups, (About twice per year in our case but only takes 20 mins and sealant not expensive), but it is so hard wearing. If it chips you can easily fill in with a special putty - cheap as chips from eBay 😁 - and still looks terrific after 14 years.

When I eventually change the kitchen, the flooring will stay!

ChilternsChaCha Mon 11-Jan-21 14:15:14

Big limestone tiles. Very happy with them.

Why are you changing yours?

TheCatsPjammas Mon 11-Jan-21 14:16:16

Have got LVt, can’t remember brand, like karndean but cheaper, oak look, very easy to look after and doesn’t show the dirt. Went for a Matt look rather than shiny.


CuriousaboutSamphire Mon 11-Jan-21 14:16:57

I see many rented houses with good and bad floors. In my opinion any of the new generation of vinyl are really good. They look good and stay that way forever.

Just last week I went back to a farmhouse that had good vinyl in its kitchen. It wasn't new when I first went 5 years ago and, kids, dogs, chickens, etc later, it still looks really good.

I'm definitely considering it for when we replace flooring here.

Imafraidimnotmyself Mon 11-Jan-21 14:17:59


We've got Amtico, looks like wood but is made of vinyl. Recommended by a builder and complimented by another builder and a decorator!

Same with us and I absolutely love it! Easy to clean and looks great

GeidiPrimes Mon 11-Jan-21 14:18:20

I used The Colour Flooring Company for mine, they do rubber or vinyl. It's pretty hardwearing, I think it's been used in Selfridges, who get a lot of footfall.

SherlocksDeerstalker Mon 11-Jan-21 14:18:40

I also have a gorgeous wood effect vinyl. We laid Karndean in my last house, throughout the entire bottom floor. This house we have a different brand but the same idea. It sits on under floor heating, looks gorgeous and is literally zero maintenance. I Hoover daily (usually!) and damp mop weekly. Two kids and indoor small animals, plus a tree surgeon husband who is constantly filthy. No sealing or anything to worry about. It does scratch finely in high traffic areas (eg under counter chairs) but I always go for a slightly distressed plank look with variegated colouring, and you can’t see them unless you’re lying on your face looking for them.

hedgehogger1 Mon 11-Jan-21 14:19:53

Do not get travertine. I really regret it. It's got natural hollows in it so ends up with holes

FiddlefigOnTheRoof Mon 11-Jan-21 14:20:46

Marmoleum. Very little smashes.

weepingwillow22 Mon 11-Jan-21 14:23:15

We have porcelain tiles with underfloor heating inside and outside. It is only 2 months old but great so far and does not need sealing like natural stone.

BoogleMcGroogle Mon 11-Jan-21 14:27:11

We bought a house with travertine tile and underfloor heating. Although I wouldn't have chosen it myself, in our house (a farmhouse) it does look gorgeous. We haven't had a problem with holes, but I do wonder how much grime the natural undulations must collect in some parts, given the muddy dogs and wellies that come in and out.

We chose Karndean in our last kitchen (Wellington Oak) and, although it's a 'fake' floor, it was really durable and still looked good ten years later.

RJnomore1 Mon 11-Jan-21 14:30:24

LVT here too, can’t remember the make but a doddle to look after. It looks great too.

JulesJules Mon 11-Jan-21 14:38:42

Amtico, I love it. Looks great still years after we had it installed. (By John Lewis) Also got it in the hall and bathroom, wooden plank effect and slate tile effect.

Stumpedasatree Mon 11-Jan-21 14:45:11

@ChilternsChaCha because the limestone tiles have been difficult to clean and maintain, especially the grouting. It may be the laying issues though.

Amtico and Karndean seem popular! We have been considering them as well.

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Iceroadtruckingextremefishing Mon 11-Jan-21 14:46:51


We've got Amtico, looks like wood but is made of vinyl. Recommended by a builder and complimented by another builder and a decorator!

Amtico has just been recommended to me as well - is it easy to clean?

Iceroadtruckingextremefishing Mon 11-Jan-21 14:47:39

@JulesJules are JL expensive to fit?

waltzingparrot Mon 11-Jan-21 15:26:41

Karndean Santina Cherry

Once a year I go over it with their 'restorer'. Good as new.

johnstownflood Mon 11-Jan-21 15:32:52

We have Amtico. Everyone remarks on it when they come in our kitchen. No underfloor heating but it's so warm underfoot , so much more than tiles. My DS is an electrician working on a lot of new builds and says Amtico is the best.

Stumpedasatree Mon 11-Jan-21 16:10:10

Can Amtico be hoovered and mopped?

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User0ne Mon 11-Jan-21 16:17:24

Marmoleum (proper linoleum). Environmentally friendly, repairs itself. Can hoover and mop it, dries quickly.

We had it for 5 years before we moved and it still looked like new. Wish we had it in the new house

CatherinedeBourgh Mon 11-Jan-21 16:24:28

Reclaimed terracotta tiles.

Still look great 15 years on.

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