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WTF0ver Mon 11-Jan-21 11:12:38

I found out that a friend had died suddenly yesterday. Not a close friend but I have been invited to the streamed funeral service and want to go.

Can anyone tell me what this is likely to entail? Will I need time off work (work is quite flexible so I would imagine this wouldn't be a problem and can work on to make up the time.

Regarding the streaming itself, do you need to login to show that you are there, do you have to put your video on or can you remain anonymous? There's someone who might be attending who I have a bit of history with, they acted a bit inappropriately and I had to remove them from my FB so it might be awkward if we can see each other on the live stream and I don't want them contacting me after or anything. I've done a few zoom calls for different things and it shows all the attendees so not sure if this is similar.

Also does it matter what you wear?! Sounds silly but for a regular funeral you would wear something smart-ish or formal usually rather than a t-shirt as I usually do these days.

Any other advice about attending a streamed funeral much appreciated. Thanks.

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sleepyhead Mon 11-Jan-21 11:21:51

It's just a link. You don't log in so they don't know you're there, although the one I attended I messaged my friend after the ceremony with a message of support and a comment about the ceremony just so she'd know I had been "there" iykwim - just the sort of thing you would normally have said in person.

It was during my working hours but they tend to be very short so I just took a break, watched the ceremony, took a few minutes to think about the person afterwards and then back to work. I'm working from home at the moment so I was just in my usual clothes. Noone can see you so just wear whatever is comfortable to you (e.g. if you would feel more comfortable changing out of the tshirt then do that for you, but it won't matter to those attending).

To repeat - they can't see you or interact with you. You're watching a live stream from a camera in the crematorium or wherever the service is taking place.

MaureenMLove Mon 11-Jan-21 11:24:10

Hi, I watched a streamed funeral last month, and it is just that, you watch it. No one knows you're there and you don't need a camera.

I got a link which I followed and it just opened up. I checked it out before the funeral started and it just said, 'live stream will start shortly' or something like that. I know my link said it could be watched for 14 days I think, so you could watch at a more convenient time.

The camera was at the back of the chapel, so I could just see the backs of peoples heads, but obviously it was focused on the lectern and the coffin.

It was nice to be part of

MinnieMountain Mon 11-Jan-21 11:26:40

Funerals have a time limit at the moment. We had 45 minutes for Mum’s cremation service including getting everyone in and out of the chapel.

turnthebiglightoff Mon 11-Jan-21 11:27:16

My great uncles was 30 mins long (humanist ceremony). It was nice to feel involved, it was also at lunchtime so didn't need to take any time out.

GlobeUs Mon 11-Jan-21 11:30:09

I had to view the live stream of my best friend's funeral, I was meant to attend in person but due to shielding and an emergency hospital appointment I wasn't able to. There was a log in due to the circumstances surrounding the death.

I would ask work for time off, or a couple of hours off afterwards - it's actually harder I found doing the livestream then being with people afterwards to talk things through.

I would also ask for the oder of service in advance.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Brogues Mon 11-Jan-21 11:40:12

I ‘went’ to two last year. You are just a viewer and I felt a little uncomfortable watching the mourners - I only knew the person who had died rather than his family and I felt a bit intrusive. Some readings were also prerecorded by family who couldn’t be there in person due to location. I sat and had a cup of tea confused tbf one of them would have 100% recommend it.


RockingMyFiftiesNot Mon 11-Jan-21 11:44:16

The one I attended had a 'log in' but that was the same for everyone - to ensure you were watching only the funeral you were invited to. There was no info requested which would identify anyone, so no-one would have known that I attended and I couldn't know who else had joined.

TurquoiseDragon Mon 11-Jan-21 11:55:08

As far as I am aware, you just view the ceremony, you don't get to know who else has viewed.

I was given a login to share along with a link to send to anyone who requested it, when I organised ex's funeral just before Xmas. I know the link worked for a couple of people who messaged, don't know about others.

CharityDingle Mon 11-Jan-21 12:21:47


The one I attended had a 'log in' but that was the same for everyone - to ensure you were watching only the funeral you were invited to. There was no info requested which would identify anyone, so no-one would have known that I attended and I couldn't know who else had joined.

Same here, just watched via the link given. It's a nice way to be there, even though not able to attend in the usual way.

WTF0ver Mon 11-Jan-21 23:19:23

Thanks all that's reassuring! Haven't been to a regular funeral in years either (fingers crossed not for a long time yet) as it is. Hopefully it all goes well, it's so hard and they don't have any family nearby. Hopefully I'll get the details soon and can plan to take a bit of time off with work. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

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