Predictions for 2021

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apalledandshocked Mon 11-Jan-21 08:26:24

mine are:
1. Boris Johnson gets bored of being PM and gives a "moving" speech about how he is resigning with a heavy heart etc etc. Either Farage, Piers Morgan or Rees-Mogg become P.M. though no-one understands quite the hell how. A disturbing number of people you know are really happy about it.
2. Before leaving the White House Trump starts or attempts to start a war somewhere by sending nukes somewhere completely unexpected like Frankfurt or Fiji. The nuclear buttons are wrestled from his grasp by security.
3. Trump gives an auto-cued speech the day of his departure saying he will step down without a fuss. Then does the opposite and is filmed being carried kicking and screaming from the WH on live TV
4. Somewhere really lovely elects an extremist right wing leader completely out of the blue
5. Sun -spots cause havoc somehow
6.My ex falls into a well and is trapped there for several weeks.
8. Around November/December reports begin to emerge of a mysterious virus in the Middle East but most people assume it will be fine.

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apalledandshocked Mon 11-Jan-21 08:27:09

What are yours?

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