Anyone awake? Severe back pain

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lovelilies Mon 11-Jan-21 05:13:54

I'm stuck in bed
Put my back out last week but last 24 h it's got steadily worked and now I can't actually move... I'm a nurse I should. Know what to do but this is indescribable
Just woke of for a wee and had to literally slide/ roll onto and crawl/drag myself to toilet. I can't roll over without excruciating pain in lower right side of back.
I have sero neg arthritis so usually take a cocktails of painkillers daily but this is something else again.
GO prescribed diazepam on Friday which did help but it wasn't nearly as bad then as it is now plus they're downstairs with all my other meds sadconfusedI have a sleeping teen I could try and wake but reluctant to as they're studying all day for online school GCSES today.
Just after some solidarity really....

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Frenchfancy Mon 11-Jan-21 05:31:50

You poor thing. What time does teen normally wake? Maybe give them til 6am so its morning rather than middle of the night iyswim.

lovelilies Mon 11-Jan-21 05:38:38

Thank you 😊 just knowing 'someone' is out there helps!
I dragged myself out of bed using my arms and have made it downstairs so have dosed myself up and got myself on the sofa.
Gosh I hope this goes soon, its awful !

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Frenchfancy Mon 11-Jan-21 06:15:43

Glad you have medication. Do you have a tens machine? When teen wakes get them to make a hot water bottle.

OldPodge Mon 11-Jan-21 06:21:05

Do you think you’ve slipped a disc? I’ve been there and its utter agony. Ended up on Gabapentin for a while. Have the painkillers kicked in a bit now?

TheDinosaurTrain Mon 11-Jan-21 06:38:47

Have you got pain down your leg or any red flags?

lovelilies Mon 11-Jan-21 11:22:08

I managed to sleep til 9am the meds knocked me out. Teen rolled me out of bed 🙈
And I managed to get back downstairs
No red flags really, some 'weakness' in right leg but no saddle anaesthesia or loss of bowel bladder function thank god.
I have enough diazepam to last for today, wondering whether to call drs back

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Alexindiamondarmour Mon 11-Jan-21 11:27:04

Sorry OP this sounds awful. I hope it gets better ASAP

lissie123 Mon 11-Jan-21 11:31:01

Call tryout GP for more support. My DS had the paramedics out last night as he collapsed during a weight training session at home and he couldn’t move. No red flags but serious back muscle problems. They gave him morphine and he had two bottles of gas and air. He’s now on diazepam.

lovelilies Mon 11-Jan-21 11:35:00

I work in our local A&E as a triage nurse so I'm reluctant to call for help I do realise his silly this sounds I'm pretty sure they can't really 'do' anything for me. If it was chest pain or a broken arm I would obviously, this just seems a bit pathetic 🙈☹️

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