Jobs to do at home during lockdown....give me your lists!

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STST Sun 10-Jan-21 23:38:17

Well, the boredom is creeping in....and I've run out of jobs to do to keep me busy during the long, long days (and any actual energy to do them, but that is by the by). DC's pretty good at doing online lessons by themselves apart from the odd call for help, so I have lots of odd slots during the day with not much to be getting on with

I have sorted kitchen cupboards, sorted my wardrobe, drawers, desk, attic (mostly). Done the bathroom drawers. Done stocktakes of pretty much everything.

Paperwork still looming.

Would like to do more cooking, but it's storage/eating it that is the problem....

Any time consuming cleaning/tidying suggestions very welcome!

Inspire me please, so I can write a lovely list to tick my way through this week and cheer myself up by achieving something!

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Guineapigbridge Sun 10-Jan-21 23:47:09

Wash the outside of your home, pressure wash the patio and deck
Sort all your online photos, delete duplicates and boring ones
Clean your jewellery
Polish all your shoes
Kondo your wardrobe
Kondo your 'shit drawer' (the kitchen drawer where all the stuff gets put that doesn't otherwise have a home

Guineapigbridge Sun 10-Jan-21 23:47:51

Oh sorry I see you've done the last two on that list already. Winner!

WouldstrokeTomHardy Sun 10-Jan-21 23:49:39

Home admin. God I hate it. I also need to renegotiate our broadband contract as it's due to go up.

Guineapigbridge Sun 10-Jan-21 23:49:45

Go through your email inbox and click unsubscribe on all the comms you no longer want to receive from people trying to sell you stuff
Edit your FB friends down to less than 50.

Rummikub Sun 10-Jan-21 23:52:29

Keep me on track to declutter and sell some stuff on eBay
You’ve already achieved a lot!

Rummikub Sun 10-Jan-21 23:54:30

Filing paperwork
Important docs file?
Photographs sorted?


Changethetoner Sun 10-Jan-21 23:59:29

squirt mould spray on the grouting in your shower, wait, then rinse. admire beautiful shower!

GlobeUs Mon 11-Jan-21 14:38:02

Back up Old Laptops / Computers and scrub and pass onto people
Make list of freezer and back and cupboard contents so food does not go to waste
Plan a holiday
Clean up documents on current laptop/computer
Organise photographs
Touch Up paint in any areas needed
Write list of new recipes to try

nevernotstruggling Mon 11-Jan-21 14:39:48

You could make a food inventory. I'm not organised enough but my very stressed with cash friend did this at my suggestion and thinks it's an amazing hack. She writes the inventory on a note on the cupboard and the fridge and then writes meal plans/shopping lists.

nevernotstruggling Mon 11-Jan-21 14:40:25


Go through your email inbox and click unsubscribe on all the comms you no longer want to receive from people trying to sell you stuff
Edit your FB friends down to less than 50.

This is great advice I need to do this.

STST Mon 11-Jan-21 22:54:22

Thank you! Some great ideas. Loving the idea of a food inventory, although when life gets busier again it might fall by the wayside, but I will feel very noble and organised in the meantime.

Did some paperwork today @Rummikub, big pile of stuff to shred!

Will also look at broadband/tv contracts and see if I can save some money and then spend it on more things to clutter up what I've blitzed

Have found some old prints that we haven't hung up yet, so will see if I can swap them round with stuff already up. See how long it takes for the rest of the household to notice.....

Powerwashing is going to have to wait until weather a bit nicer, but I've added it to my list for a warmer day, good thinking. Shed sorting also on the 'when it gets a bit warmer' list @Guineapigbridge

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Rummikub Mon 11-Jan-21 23:25:51

@STST excellent work !
I must’ve had this thread in the back of my mind- I’ve cleared the under stairs cupboard and now thinking what to use it for - filing cabinet or pantry

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