Would you send your child to nursery?

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espressoontap Sun 10-Jan-21 23:28:56

Just that really.

I have a 4yr old who started preschool in sept but obviously it has shut now, he went mon-fri 9-3. Worked out well as I had our second child not long after he started. Before that he attended a nursery 3 full days a week.

Baby is now 15 weeks, 4yr old is bored, becoming naughty and constantly disturbing DH working. I'm on my knees, as is DH. He is waking in the night now, too. No amount of walks, park, craft, play, tv, literally anything will entertain him. I can be changing the baby and he's demanding my attention immediately and shouts if he doesn't get it. He wants to see DH all the time. Poor DD isn't getting any naps as he wakes her on purpose. She's breastfed so at times when I'm sat down feeding her I try to get him read with me, or look at a magazine or snuggle up and watch something. He is quite rough with her and I'm constantly saying be gentle etc.

He settled so well in school and thrived in nursery. In desperation I called them to see if he could go in the short-term until school opens again, and he can.

Am I a bad mother to send him? I'm worried about the obvious covid risks, we are so careful, we don't go anywhere, but I'm also worried about our emotional and mental health. I've become so snappy with him and craving time away from him, which I know sounds awful. It's been a huge change for him with becoming a big brother, the whole pandemic not seeing grandparents etc, starting school. I don't know what else to do.

I try different approaches to him, I'm firm, I'm soft, I allow things to go, I've tried rewards, naughty step, charts etc I just don't know what else to do. He was so much calmer in school and nursery.

My parents have covid. My ILs are in an at risk group so we can't bubble.

I know i sound like a bad mum sad

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YouBoggleMyMind Mon 11-Jan-21 00:06:00

My child is currently continuing at nursery as normal. He's 3 and there's no way we could keep him at home the entire time while we work. It was hard enough in March when he was 2 and a bit. Don't feel like a bad Mum, he needs it as much as you do by the sounds of it.

Needallthesleep Mon 11-Jan-21 05:23:07

Yes in an instant. Our DD is just 3, and being out of nursery (she’s been out for the last 3 weeks for various Covid related reasons) her behaviour regresses, she gets lethargic and it’s impossible to motivate her to do anything. She’s just miserable. We are sending her to nursery tomorrow. I’m counting down the hours!

shouldistop Mon 11-Jan-21 05:30:28

I have a 4yo and a newborn. My 4yo would be going to nursery if it was open. He misses it a lot and it becoming bored and naughty. I try to do as much as possible with him but between breastfeeding a 5'week old, making sure we're all fed and have clean clothes to wear etc, it's tough.

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