Innocent until proven guilty..

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Ltdannygreen Sun 10-Jan-21 22:43:53

I’ve been obsessed with stories on death row (prime) at the moment and it did make me think. In almost all of the cases the evidence was inconclusive, police corruption and many cover ups occurred. So seemingly many of the people were innocent of the crimes they were accused off that ultimately sent them to death row. The victims, rightly so, were pissed and angry that some of these “murderers” we set free. No I’m assuming they most likely didn’t get told about cover ups etc so have no reason not to believe they are innocent. But if they did surely you would want to put away the right person knowing otherwise they are still out there living thier best lives whilst you and your family are suffering. I don’t know if this is because I’m law minded having wanted to pursue a job in law enforcement and maybe I’d feel differently if something horrendous happened to me or my family, but I know I would defo want the right person behind bars as it wouldn’t feel right knowing that an innocent person spent thier life behind bars for something they didn’t do. I just wanted to know peoples thoughts on this. Or if anyone has been in a situation like this.

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