Airline Alliances - which is the best option please?

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TravelBugLife Sun 10-Jan-21 20:29:51

I've just got funding for a new job venture which will require a lot of travelling, mostly internationally. I'd like to join a rewards programme and am trying to chose which airline alliance I should go with (with the intention of then attempting to only fly with airlines within that alliance to maximise points).

I've narrowed it down to Star Alliance or One World Alliance.

Keen to know if anyone has any views on either, particularly travelling with children, or as a solo female. I will be travelling globally and flying out of London airports if that is important.

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Malin52 Sun 10-Jan-21 21:06:11

Totally depends where you think you'll be flying the most. Airline alliances tend to find you based on the carrier you use the most rather then the other ways round.

Oneworld was the only real option for me given 50% of my flights were UK domestic on BA.

Now I'm in Nz and flying mainly Air NZ then star is the one.

Having said that most of my flights are on Emirates who aren't in any alliance

TravelBugLife Sun 10-Jan-21 21:16:30

Totally depends where you think you'll be flying the most.

Yes, I understand this. I wouldn't be flying domestically in the UK (trains).

Europe, Eastern and Southern Africa, Asia, North America and New Zealand.

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TravelBugLife Mon 11-Jan-21 00:09:09

Signed up for both - figured it would be advantageous if there were flight cancellations etc. which I suspect may happen with everything going on.

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Malin52 Mon 11-Jan-21 00:14:37

Hmm. Difficult one! Given you are flying pretty globally I think either will do the trick and much will be down to which brands/carriers you prefer and their destinations and schedules. I know you'll be going everywhere but a good starting point is selecting an airline based on the general area you will be going.

For example I flew BA everywhere In Europe because their schedules were better, more destinations, choice of LHR, Gatwick and City compared to a mishmash of other European flag carrying airlines. As I was gold I made very good use of their excellent lounges! In fact it was the latter that drove everything! I then always used BA to the US, Canada and Africa.

Given my BA status I then used Qantas and Cathay for Asia and Aus/NZ which I was v happy with.

For example if you are mainly going to be flying to the US I would consider which destinations you are likely to frequent then pick an airline based on reviews, schedules, lounge availability and which 'brand' you prefer. It might just come down to whether you prefer BA, Virgin, United or American as a brand!

For me lounge access and privileges at my departure airport and range of destinations were most important hence my choice of BA and Oneworld when i lived in the UK and Air NZ and Star Alliance now I'm in Nz

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