Implantation bleeding or early period

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Emicon123 Sun 10-Jan-21 20:28:58

Hi, this is my first time posting.
I started my period on 26th December and dtd on 3rd January (day 9 of cycle), on Friday night (day 14) my pants felt wet and I felt like I had occasional gushes of fluid. I went to the toilet and wiped and it was pale pink watery liquid. Yesterday and today it has changed, now I have a browny mucus, minimal in my pants, but there when wiping. My cycle normally lasts around 26-28 days so I shouldn’t be on my period until around the 19th January. I started reading into it and it says it could be implantation bleeding?
I have never experienced spotting in the middle of a cycle before. I am not tct but I am not taking contraception. What are your experiences of implantation bleeding? How does it normally start and does the consistency change? Thank you for any advice!!

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Emicon123 Tue 12-Jan-21 19:22:53


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