Can anyone recommend a good family cookbook

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Feckinlego Sun 10-Jan-21 18:18:31

Just that really. I used to buy loads but stopped a few years ago. So a recent one would be good. Id like a good all rounder, a bit of everything.


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Soutiner Sun 10-Jan-21 19:14:54

Jamie’s 5 ingredients.

Soutiner Sun 10-Jan-21 19:16:30

Mary Berry’s Quick Cooking.

clocktwelve Sun 10-Jan-21 19:22:20

Feed the Family

HDready Sun 10-Jan-21 19:22:59

The roasting tin series

Neolara Sun 10-Jan-21 19:24:00

Jamie Oliver's 7 Ways is good.

ForTheLoveOfCatFood Sun 10-Jan-21 19:24:12

Jamie’s 5 is fab


Ihatesandwiches Sun 10-Jan-21 19:25:00

Anything by Faye Ripley

CCSS15 Sun 10-Jan-21 19:26:21

Jamie 5 here too - not as keen on the 7 one. Also got nadias a time to eat for xmas and watching it on iplayer - really good family friendly meals

FlibbertyGiblets Sun 10-Jan-21 19:32:24

Old skool I would recommend the Dairy Diary cookbook from the 1990s. It is excellent.

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