Cheating men - what to make?

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Partygirl2021 Sun 10-Jan-21 17:40:36

Can I ask for your views on this. The number of married men who seek out other women (for sex) always claim to be in a sexless marriage but I see so many situations where that’s not true and they are getting sex at home. In that case why do they seek out sex elsewhere and then lie about it? I ask as a friend is having an emotional affair with a married man and I want her to see sense

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AnneLovesGilbert Sun 10-Jan-21 17:44:46

You won’t make her see sense.

But it’s not true that everyone claiming to be in a sexless marriage is lying. Many people on here seem to think sex is boring and less interesting than a cuppa and a biscuit, so there are plenty of people not shagging their husband or wife.

Partygirl2021 Sun 10-Jan-21 17:52:12

I think my friend is reading too much into things as she used to sleep with the man in question years ago and was definitely in love but he never asked her out. They reconnected about six months ago (she is separated, he is married, both got Dc) and he started throwing her lines about how he wishes they’d dated and he didn’t ask at the time because he thought she wasn’t interested. I think he has propositioned her because he knows she is single and probably knew deep down she wanted more from him. I just want her to see that by sleeping with him now won’t get her anywhere with him, aside from being morally very wrong. She is absolutely not the type to go near married men but when it comes to him she is so head over heels. I don’t believe he has ever strayed before either. Maybe they were previously feelings for each other that neither of them acted on at the time as they thought the other only wanted one thing and now they are feeling the attraction again. I don’t know.

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ShandlersWig Sun 10-Jan-21 18:39:32

Sounds like she was an easy shag before and he's lining her up for more of the same.

It's hardly the most romantic situation. She may be 'head over heels' but I doubt he's on the same page.

ivyjoy Sun 10-Jan-21 18:50:10

Me and h are just on other side of his affair. I've chose to give him a chance as he has done everything I've asked of him and I still love him. He fed her all kinds of crap about how he didn't even touch me anymore. We had sex on the Friday. On the Sunday morning we had some action (not piv but bj) the Sunday afternoon he msg her saying how shit things were at home,no sex etc . This is when I caught him out. She was a family friend and after speaking with her he obvs said all kinds of crap. We are completely non contact with her now(I'm am absolutely without a doubt certain). Some men will say all sorts that's not true.

SheldonesqueIsUnwell Wed 13-Jan-21 03:26:00

Goodness. You and your friend have had pure rotten luck with men.

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