Are your teenagers still meeting up with their friends?

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Rollergirl11 Sun 10-Jan-21 16:10:09

I know that you can meet one person from another household for exercise but it is apparent that a lot of DD’s friends are just taking that as an opportunity to meet up with each other. Then meet up with someone else new the next day. I see that as completely bending the rules and is just unnecessary mixing of multiple households. Luckily DD doesn’t agree with it and hasn’t asked to do the same. Obviously lots of parents are allowing this (DD’s friends parents that I know included) so please can someone who thinks this is okay explain their reasoning?

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Rollergirl11 Sun 10-Jan-21 16:12:23

And when I say meeting up I mean meeting in a park, going to get a coffee etc. It’s definitely not meeting up for exercise. Or even a walk.

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RainbowRaine Sun 10-Jan-21 16:14:05


RedskyAtnight Sun 10-Jan-21 16:16:54


And when I say meeting up I mean meeting in a park, going to get a coffee etc. It’s definitely not meeting up for exercise. Or even a walk.

So like a large proportion of adults meeting others according to that "rule?

My teens aren't meeting anyone. DD can't walk (medical problem) so she can't even pretend to exercise with anyone else and DS doesn't see the point of meeting just one friend at a time when all they can do is hang around the park.

BarryGlendenning Sun 10-Jan-21 16:17:09


Mine have done walks with a friend and bike rides too.

ElizaB22 Sun 10-Jan-21 16:22:20


Molly357 Sun 10-Jan-21 16:28:04

Mine will be. It’s for their well being as do t cope well being socially isolated


HarrietSchulenberg Sun 10-Jan-21 16:33:47

No, they're all doing pretty well through all this really.

Eldest is just 20 and his mates were all busted at a flat the other night. £200 fines handed to each. Mine was, mercifully, at home but a year or 2 ago he wouldn't have been and would have been out and mingling.

mamaoffourdc Sun 10-Jan-21 16:38:14


Rollergirl11 Sun 10-Jan-21 16:39:49


Mine will be. It’s for their well being as do t cope well being socially isolated

And how often will they be doing so? What is the required amount of socialising to ensure their well-being?

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BridgetDrones Sun 10-Jan-21 16:42:19

Nope. Only virtually on the xbox.

PastMyBestBeforeDate Sun 10-Jan-21 16:43:05

Mine's doing a lot of online chatting and went for a walk with one friend last weekend.

spagbog5 Sun 10-Jan-21 16:43:40

Dd15 has been for a walk with her best friend today.

ofwarren Sun 10-Jan-21 16:44:10

No, just on the X box

VaTeLaverLesMains Sun 10-Jan-21 16:47:55

DD went for a long walk in the countryside with a friend, I was pleased as it's within the rules and good mentally and physically.

I don't agree it's bending rules.

We go for walks everyday, it's the only thing I can do as shielding.

WhiteFoxWindow Sun 10-Jan-21 16:49:24

No, they chat online. 3 daughters.

GrimDamnFanjo Sun 10-Jan-21 16:51:24

Mine is 14 and goes for the odd walk with her friend who lives very close by.
The rest of the time she connects virtually with the same friend and her other school friends.

2pinkginsplease Sun 10-Jan-21 16:51:38

I have older teens and neither have been out for ages. The year both chat to their friends virtually either whatsapp, snapchat FaceTime.

Hotcuppatea Sun 10-Jan-21 16:52:50

Yes. Daily dog walk after school ends. Its a sanity saver.

mummabubs Sun 10-Jan-21 16:54:12

I'm in Wales (where we can't see anyone, even for exercise) but I read all the England guidelines too as mine and DH's family are all in England. From reading the guidelines I can't see anything that says you have to meet with the same one person from another house to exercise, so I don't think most teens will see that as bending the rules. (and I know a fair few adults who are seeing multiple different people regularly under this line too). Personally I think it's absolute madness and gives some people the idea that we don't need to seriously limit our interactions with others unless absolutely necessary.

FlyingByTheSeatof Sun 10-Jan-21 16:54:35


DD chats virtually though all bloody day long in-between lessons

highlystrung Sun 10-Jan-21 16:54:38

My 14 year old has been meeting one friend to play football in the park. I thought that was allowed? Am I wrong?

I8toys Sun 10-Jan-21 16:55:04


Icanseegreenshoots Sun 10-Jan-21 16:56:28

No.Just chatting on line.

It is too cold to walk for long here, freezing in fact and no fun at all.
Both have good MH and not worried (for now)

ProfYaffle Sun 10-Jan-21 16:56:47

Only online.

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