What vitamins do you give your children?

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Soubriquet Sun 10-Jan-21 14:36:22

Dh is always moaning that dc don’t need them but I insist so he’s given up.

I give them the centrum ones. I wanted something with iron in (which surprisingly, a lot of children’s vitamins don’t have)

I had pica for many years due to lack of iron and I noticed dd kept chewing things, so I got some with iron to see if it helped

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APurpleSquirrel Sun 10-Jan-21 14:39:10

DD has the Wellkid Multi-Vitamin Liquid & DS has the WellBaby Milti-Vitamin Liquid. They've had them since they were babies.

HasaDigaEebowai Sun 10-Jan-21 14:40:27

Both of mine have had a cod liver oil and a multivitamin every day since they were little. No particular brand though

Soubriquet Sun 10-Jan-21 14:43:26

They only have the branded one, as none of the others had iron in!

Nothing from the supermarkets own brand, to the other types either

I’m sure most kids don’t actually need the iron, as a varied diet would provide it, but I don’t want them to have pica like I did

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APurpleSquirrel Sun 10-Jan-21 14:45:18

WellBaby & Wellkid have iron too.

MadeForThis Sun 10-Jan-21 14:45:53

Dd3 has Abidec and dd5 have haribo orange gummies.

SpiderGwen Sun 10-Jan-21 14:46:15

Vitamin D
For all of us, not just the child.


AlwaysLatte Sun 10-Jan-21 14:47:05

Haliborange strawberry as they don't like any of the others.

WhichTaMin Sun 10-Jan-21 14:49:15

I have a thread on this same question in general health!

The only multivitamins my kids will
take are the (crappy) gummy ones - which are basically sweets with delusions of

For the kid who I have serious concerns about deficiencies with - I also give spatone mixed with juice. Plus I’m a bit fan of probiotics. Sometimes I get the little drinking yoghurts, sometimes Polish Kefir as a base for smoothies, sometimes powdered probiotics mixed in yoghurt.

Not sure if I have the balance right or not. They still seem pale and low energy to me...

RedMarauder Sun 10-Jan-21 14:50:16

My toddler has any if them that have a decent amount of D3 as both myself and DP have deficiency issues. She is currently consuming Wellkid.

megletthesecond Sun 10-Jan-21 14:52:18

Welllkid. Although as they're both over 12 they might be able to move on to adult multi vits and mins now.

And I've recently started giving them a vitamin D a couple of times a week.

DelurkingAJ Sun 10-Jan-21 14:55:49

Sainsbury’s finest 😀 which have iron included (I’ve just checked) for the elder and the Hariborange softies for the fussy four year old.

APurpleSquirrel Sun 10-Jan-21 14:56:51

DC also have half a sachet of Bio-Kult Infantis in their morning drinks - a pre- & pro-biotic.

Soubriquet Sun 10-Jan-21 14:59:24

The centrum ones are tutti frutti and they seem to be well liked, to the point where I get asked for them, if I have forgot grin

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HasaDigaEebowai Sun 10-Jan-21 15:01:40

I’ve never given mine “children’s” vitamins, just a bog standard multi vitamin

HasaDigaEebowai Sun 10-Jan-21 15:02:32

They all have iron in thrm

AldiIsla Sun 10-Jan-21 15:02:34

Well Kid and Well Baby here. I want them to have the iron and as we're in Scotland they need the vit D.

DH and I have a mutli vit. I've recently added some extra bits in the form of those fizzy tablets for my immune system.

jajabanks Sun 10-Jan-21 15:11:53

Vitamin d and equazen omega fish oil chews

FoxtrotSkarloey Sun 10-Jan-21 21:59:23

WellBaby multi vitamin liquid for 2.5 year old and WellBaby fit d for the four month old who is too young for the multi vitamin. Both get mixed into milk. I'd prefer it if there were cheaper or non branded ones but e.g. the Haliborange liquid I've looked at before doesn't have as much vitamin D.

musicinspring1 Sun 10-Jan-21 22:03:11

The only ones my children will take willingly are the bassets strawberry ones - probably because they taste like sweets blush

Kolo Sun 10-Jan-21 22:10:30

Well kid multi-vits chewable. Mainly for the Vit D but covering other bases too.

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