What self care have you done this week?

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GarlicMushroom Sat 09-Jan-21 21:22:45

Okay...so this week has been pretty difficult for many of us, and it's not looking like it'll be getting easier any time soon.
During the last lockdown my mental health was really poor, on maternity leave with my son and feeling massively isolated. I'm now back at work (frontline NHS) and feeling much better from a MH perspective, but when the lockdown was announced I knew I needed to do something for myself to keep feeling okay. So this week I have:
Gone to bed before 9pm once, left the house a tip and just went to bed. Felt bloody brilliant, even when ds woke for the day at 5am
Plucked my eyebrows. Okay this may sound ridiculous but little things like this make me feel like I'm taking care of myself and just generally better.
Joined a family film club. We all watch a film separately then tomorrow evening we are having a zoom call to discuss. Not our usual type of socialising but about as good as it gets for us all at the moment!

I thought we could use this thread to share inspiration of those small, sometimes silly, sometimes dull things that we have done for self care and maybe get some inspiration to try new forms of self care!
So what have you done this week?

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InsertRudeWord Sat 09-Jan-21 21:24:57

Such a good idea OP. I'm using an app to colour but my mother is being very difficult, so as fast as I colour and relax she winds me back up again.!

Bargebill19 Sat 09-Jan-21 21:27:06

Slept in today till 1pm. Bliss. Soaked my feet and moisturised them.
(having done 13 hour shift yesterday and 12 hours shifts all week)

dementedma Sat 09-Jan-21 21:27:17

Started using better skincare on my face
Been out for a couple of short walks
Not had any alcohol

Spied Sat 09-Jan-21 21:29:17

I'm using up all my Xmas/Birthday body lotions and shower gels.
I choose a different one each day and I feel it's a little bit of pampering.
I look forward to it.

Spied Sat 09-Jan-21 21:30:57

I'm also taking time out of my day to watch rubbish tv and have a cup of green tea.
It's supposed to be good for you so I feel I'm looking after myself a bitgrin

JoeNotExotic Sat 09-Jan-21 22:12:05

I’ve had a thoroughly shit week. DH got up with our DD today so I was able to catch up on sleep. We’ve been out hiking which I absolutely needed.


GarlicMushroom Sat 09-Jan-21 22:14:55

Some really good ideas!
@insertRudeWord which app is this? Keep colouring!
Think I will use some of the christmas toiletries I got next week instead of saving them for 'best'...not sure what that is anymore!

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Strugglingtodomybest Sat 09-Jan-21 22:25:10

I sat down and watched TV all afternoon with the kids today. Something I would never normally do because it's not 'productive'. It was lovely listening to them laughing at The Office though.

MirandaWestsNewBFF Sat 09-Jan-21 22:29:43

I made sure I got out for a walk and did a workout every day, and didn’t push myself to do loads of cleaning - the house is a shit tip but I do feel a lot less stressed.

relievedlady Sat 09-Jan-21 22:31:07

Have planned to hijack the bathroom tomorrow evening and lock myself in there with a hot bath with the new salts I got for Xmas,a good face pack and hair treatment at the same time.

Then I'm going to use the new face oil and night time cream,oh and eye mask I treated myself to.

Then I'm going to paint my nails fingers and toes.

A good dermaplane on my face and eyebrows plucked and tinted and il feel a million dollars.

ShirazSavedMySanity Sat 09-Jan-21 22:37:32

I’ve been waking up early (worrying etc) so I’ve got up, sat downstairs with headphones on and done a 10 minute meditation on YouTube. I’m the last person you’d expect to see doing meditation (and I think I’m fairly shit at it) but I’ve found myself looking forward to that tiny bit of quiet in my day.

I’ve worn perfume every single day. Drowned myself in it.

I’ve made myself leave my laptop for at least 30 mins in an afternoon to have a change of scenery and it’s done me the world of good. Being outside even in the freezing cold helps my mind.

Mol1628 Sat 09-Jan-21 22:41:37

Had a bath and binged watched Netflix. I’m also using my Christmas toiletries and appreciating them!

CarolEffingBaskin Sat 09-Jan-21 22:46:53

I haven’t had a moment in which to do anything. Home schooling during the day, studying in the evening and parenting 2 children with ASD means there isn’t any. I took a shit alone, that’s about as close as it gets these days.

OhioOhioOhio Sat 09-Jan-21 22:50:11

Great idea for a thread. I'm off for a bath.

Mum2jenny Sat 09-Jan-21 22:50:37

My self care has been ensuring I have a bottle of wine a night available to me — only slightly joking!! 🥂🥂

Piggyhoolier Sat 09-Jan-21 22:55:55

I waxed my flaps on Wednesday. Sorry if that sounds flippant, but it made me feel like I was taking control instead of letting everything slide. Also been running lots, without my commute I have more time for it which is great. And like a PP, I put perfume on which also made me feel happy.

polarbearoverthere Sat 09-Jan-21 23:18:46

This is a lovely thread! So nice to hear everyone’s ideas for self care. I slept in this morning which was a treat I usually feel guilty for, but I’ve realised I could be doing more nice things for myself! New goal for next week I think

Chimeraforce Sat 09-Jan-21 23:21:04

Walked 2 miles daily and 3 miles yesterday and today
Nothing else. I count getting up and wfh as a success.

OohImBlindedByTheLights Sat 09-Jan-21 23:21:40

Today I tinted my brows, put a face mask on, had a hot bath with new bath bombs and shaved my whole body haha! Slathered on the conditioner and then used my new Rituals shower oil. Finished off with using the matching rituals Sakura body cream and put on my new pyjamas. Feel so good after it!

Shinyletsbebadguys Sat 09-Jan-21 23:25:39

I've had a hell of a week
I've also spent most of it trying to remind myself how lucky I am. So today i didn't. I have been watching what i eat. Today i didn't.
I washed my hair for the first time this week , I ate what i wanted without going mad and eating everything in sight. The biggest key really was to take the pressure off of myself and rather than every day starting with "I should do....." " X , Y , Z must be done" I did what the hell I liked. (Which did include vague sorting out , but it wasn't a required task).

DC are at their dads and for one day , no pressure, no timetable , no list. It was lovely. I have myself permission not to try to be perfect.

Msfoxy17 Sat 09-Jan-21 23:26:44

No alcohol,lots of herbal tea, walks and yoga daily.
And quite a few baths.. instead of having a rushed shower interrupted multiple times by toddler DD.

(Have had a tons of chocolate though and cant seem to get to bed before 12!)

JovialNickname Sat 09-Jan-21 23:27:53

Put a bit of fake tan on. It sounds shallow but it gives me a bit of a healthy glow even without make up which makes me feel a bit better!

HalfShrunkMoreToGo Sat 09-Jan-21 23:29:17

Spent an hour knitting this evening with music playing, just listening to my favourite tunes and the clicking of the needles. It may take me 3 years to finish this hat at the rate of an hour a week but I'll enjoy my quiet hours 😂

SatsumaFan Sat 09-Jan-21 23:32:41

I signed up for a charity walk thing on NYE. Have to walk 100km in January. So bloody glad I did as it's saving my sanity after last week trying to wfh and home school two primary aged dc. Getting out for a 5km most days, even when it's sub zero and dark and foggy.

Did 13km/8 miles with a neighbour this am then went to bed this afternoon for a 2hr nap/rest.

Definitely having a bath and pamper tomorrow.

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