What have you eaten today

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lastqueenofscotland Sat 09-Jan-21 19:33:35

I’m nosy...

Greggs vegan sausage roll
3 hash browns, half a tin of beans and two slices of toast
Pasta with home made pesto, peas, asparagus and broccoli

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Natsku Sat 09-Jan-21 19:49:24

Toasted cheese sandwich, handful of jelly beans
Clementine, another handful of jelly beans
Chicken nuggets, peas and sweetcorn
One cardamon sweet bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream
One of the above but filled with jam and cream instead
Feel sick now, too much sugar.

Bearnecessity Sat 09-Jan-21 21:08:20

Quorn fillet with lettuce and cheese.
Chickpea soup
Natural yoghurt with berries
3x g and t's and two bags of Hippeas
1x two fingered kit kat

Girliefriendlikespuppies Sat 09-Jan-21 21:23:52

X 2 slices wholemeal bread with butter and marmite

Scrambled eggs on 2 slices of toast

2 yogurt drinks
3 Lindor chocs

Pasta with veggie bolognese
A toffee sponge pudding

A few more Lindor chocs 😶

ThankYouDebbie Sat 09-Jan-21 21:28:37

Massive Dominos, latte, booze

I've had healthier days grin

Crakeandoryx Sat 09-Jan-21 21:32:12

An apple, 2 eggs and 100g smoked salmon on spinach and kale. Half a small ginger cake. Homemade low fat pork burger 120g on homemade wholemeal with salad. Just had 3x water biscuits with 20g of extra mature cheddar.

Can you tell I'm calorie counting 🤣

ThisIsNotARealAvo Sat 09-Jan-21 21:40:07

2 crumpets with marmite for breakfast

Mid afternoon 2 rice cakes with ham, 2 plums, a handful of grapes, a small packet of crisps

Then later noodles and salt and chilli squid from the Chinese.


leopardspotsdotdotdot Sat 09-Jan-21 21:41:33

Fried eggs on toast, handful of peanuts

ilovethecold Sat 09-Jan-21 21:42:31

I had this ! And it was lush smile

Frownette Sat 09-Jan-21 21:43:32

I've been under the weather today so have only had grapefruit, then toast with hummus, marmite and ginger and orange marmalade respectively. And a peanut cookie.

I may do some simmered apple later with spices and sugar, and vanilla häagen-dazs.

mamaduckbone Sat 09-Jan-21 21:43:38

A pancake with banana and biscoff spread

Mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and avocado on sourdough toast

A clementine and a chocolate biscuit

Pulled pork in a brioche bun, salad, coleslaw, fries.

Ben and Jerry's Netflix and Chill ice cream (it's amazing!)

pregnantncnc Sat 09-Jan-21 21:43:59

- (small) Bowl of cornflakes with semi skimmed milk
- decaf coffee with whole milk and sugar
- decaf coffee with whole milk no sugar
- 2 digestives (and a sip of OJ stolen from DH)
- Tuna sweetcorn mayo sandwich, strawberries and a few pringles
- Bailey's hot chocolate
- decaf coffee with whole milk and sugar
- a few bites of my 11 month old's curry which he refused to eat (our usual go-to meal for him because he hoovers it up...)
- 2 cans of diet coke
- homemade pizza (topped with pesto and prosciutto) with salad (or I will in a minute - just waiting for it to cook AT nearly 10PM)

^I rarely ever have more than one coffee, NEVER drink diet coke and rarely eat after 8pm, but today was one of those days where I felt starving all day but baby is teething and food took the back burner so I needed the pick me ups

Camassia Sat 09-Jan-21 21:44:34

Oats and Greek yoghurt with a few raspberries
Corned beef and tomato baguette
Two large oranges
Chilli meatballs, peppers, butternut squash, passata, pasta
Quark with lemon curd
Cashew nuts

BigTroubleLittleEngland Sat 09-Jan-21 21:48:01

Ham on toast

Baguette with salami and a bit of smoked salmon with cucumber

Packet of crisps

Sausage and cream pasta

StCharlotte Sat 09-Jan-21 21:49:00

A pasty and an apple Danish from our local bakery (regular Saturday treat) for brunch. Homemade risotto for dinner followed by a couple of clementines.

Sgtmajormummy Sat 09-Jan-21 21:59:55

Breakfast: yoghurt and a cup of coffee.
Lunch: homemade spinach and ricotta tart, leftover roast pork and gravy, a hard boiled egg, tomatoes and peppers.
Four chocolate baubles (!) and a cup of coffee.
Afternoon: fresh bread and onion/tuna pâté.
Dinner: Spanish style chickpeas and spinach with green beans.

We’re cutting down and eating up after Christmas.

schmockdown Sat 09-Jan-21 22:45:49

M and s cheese sandwich

Box of donner meat.

Great day!

Flyingwiththecanons Sat 09-Jan-21 22:48:54

2 sausages cut in half
2 oven bottom muffins with 1 sausage on each
4 pakora from the takeaway
2 poppadoms
1 portion of chips (didn't finish it)
Some tika masala sauce
1 bottle of wine blushblush

FiveNightsAtMummys Sat 09-Jan-21 23:08:01

2 slices of toast and marmite
Salted caramel brownie

Piemam Sat 09-Jan-21 23:14:55

French toast 2 pieces
3 coffees with oat milk and sugar
Ham salad sandwich
Half ham and vegan cheese sandwich
Beef Space Raiders
4 Danish butter cookies
A Bloody Mary
Flute of Prosecco
Chicken stew with rice
2 glasses squash
Mountain Dew
Homemade popcorn with sugar
4 Pringles

Flyingwiththecanons Sun 10-Jan-21 00:46:42

Some hating and a whisky 😳 it's been a bad day

Hangingover Sun 10-Jan-21 00:49:55

Vegan sausage sammich
Full roast dinner (nut roast)
Caffeine free diet coke
Vegan cheesecake

Hangingover Sun 10-Jan-21 00:51:17

Spanish style chickpeas and spinach with green beans

How do you make this? Sounds yum

Flyingwiththecanons Sun 10-Jan-21 01:16:29

Hariono 😂 but hating works too blush

Flyingwiththecanons Sun 10-Jan-21 01:16:48

HARIBO!! Fucking phone!!

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