I need something new to get addicted to (candy crush etc) during lockdown

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BrassyButtons Sat 09-Jan-21 16:07:12

I've already played Smurfs, Dragonville, candy crush, Boom Beach. I like puzzles (sudoku etc) too. Any suggestions?

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redfernsydney Sat 09-Jan-21 16:09:42

tetris. .I was at one time addicted

DustyMaiden Sat 09-Jan-21 16:10:53

The Chase

gifmenu Sat 09-Jan-21 16:11:13

Dumb ways to draw?

Moondust001 Sat 09-Jan-21 16:12:30

Best Fiends. I'm generally not a "game person" but this one I cannot put down!

RaspberryBeret1999 Sat 09-Jan-21 16:13:21

June’s Journey

Blerg Sat 09-Jan-21 16:17:15

Yes, Tetris!


JassyRadlett Sat 09-Jan-21 16:19:23

Two dots is one of my faves. Also love June’s Journey.

ImRealHonest Sat 09-Jan-21 16:20:00

Hoop stack was my go-to game for lockdown 1

Kote Sat 09-Jan-21 16:20:03

Cooking Fever. SO addictive.

WouldstrokeTomHardy Sat 09-Jan-21 16:20:47

Coin master. Super addictive.

OhioOhioOhio Sat 09-Jan-21 16:21:00

What about scrabble?

EloraaDanan Sat 09-Jan-21 16:21:06

Manor Matters. Too many hours wasted on that one.....

Mojitomogul Sat 09-Jan-21 16:26:06

Order the Genius Square or genius star game from Amazon. Its so addictive and can play by yourself or against someone, we love it!

BrassyButtons Sat 09-Jan-21 16:26:07

Brilliant! Thanks all, I’m gong to look into all of those grin

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MisiSam Sat 09-Jan-21 16:35:57

Games like diner dash or the emily delicious series are really fun.

xHeartinacagex Sat 09-Jan-21 16:37:13

Scrabble GO is my current addiction.

TroysMammy Sat 09-Jan-21 16:44:47

Panda Pop. They jiggle about when all the baby pandas are saved and they bursts into tears when they aren't.

I also enjoy Jet Punk for timed quizzes.

LemonDrizzles Sat 09-Jan-21 16:52:58

Word scapes.

Fishdom is hit or miss

Disfordarkchocolate Sat 09-Jan-21 16:54:13

Tiny Bubbles

Two Dota

LemonDrizzles Sat 09-Jan-21 16:54:31

Best puzzle game is Simon tatham puzzle collection

AlexCabot Sat 09-Jan-21 16:55:55

Toon Blast. I started at the beginning of lockdown 1. Embarrassed to say which level I'm on now...

morefuninmylife Sat 09-Jan-21 16:59:11

I play Toonblast too. Hate to think how much time I've spent on it. How many levels do you think there are @AlexCabot ?

AlexCabot Sat 09-Jan-21 17:02:43

Well I'm on 4900 so I hope there's lots more!

PumpkinPieAlibi Sat 09-Jan-21 17:05:16

Cupcake 2048, Plants vs Zombies (THE BEST) or Plants vs Zombies 2, Tetris and for a mix of games that supposedly help with brain development - Lumosity. Lumosity's Train of Thought mini-game is amazing.

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