Low fat takeaway?

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Howcanwehelp Sat 09-Jan-21 15:14:11

Is there such a thing as a low fat takeaway? I fancy something other then home cooking but am trying to lose weight. Any ideas?

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Moltenpink Sat 09-Jan-21 15:16:17

Tandoori meat with salad
Grilled chicken kebab in pitta
Basically avoid loads of sauce as it’s hard to judge what’s in it

Howcanwehelp Sat 09-Jan-21 15:18:12

I should have probably said I'm a veggie, sorry

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ReclaimingTheKaren Sat 09-Jan-21 16:35:57

Lebanese is mostly veggie friendly. Lots of salads?

JemimaTiggywinkle Sat 09-Jan-21 16:47:43

Have you got any local restaurants you like, are any of them doing delivery?
Wagamama isn’t too unhealthy if you have one nearby.

lastqueenofscotland Sat 09-Jan-21 16:51:46

Lebanese will have a lot of salad but also a lot of oil.
Thai may be a good option?

jamesfailedmarshmallows Sat 09-Jan-21 16:53:52

Mixed veg kebab on salad from the Indian/kebab shop.


Howcanwehelp Sat 09-Jan-21 17:19:36

Thanks l, lots of great ideas :-)

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LittleOverwhelmed Sat 09-Jan-21 17:24:04

Sushi? But generally carb heavy (especially veggie) abs can be high in calories...

Soutiner Sat 09-Jan-21 18:18:47

I eat what I want just not a lot of it. Can’t you order what you fancy but exercise portion control and just have a small amount of each dish?

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