What to do with broken Yankee candle?

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lucysmam Sat 09-Jan-21 15:04:23

My birthday present has arrived broken sad A replacement is being sent but I now have a whole medium candle, without glass & am not sure whether it'll just burn like a pillar candle? Or whether to melt it & put it in another container? Or just use it as a massive air scenty thingy?

Have any of you ever done anything with a broken Yankee before or have any ideas for it?

Ta smile

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BrightElastic Sat 09-Jan-21 15:08:25

Put it in another container (big jar or bowl) and burn it. If it melts, you'll catch it.

Tigerstripe20 Sat 09-Jan-21 15:21:24

Do you have a melt or tealight burner? if so I cut my candles down ( when they get too small to burn in large jars )and burn them in that.

WitchQueenofDarkness Sat 09-Jan-21 15:32:36

No it won't burn like a pillar candle. The wax is designed to liquefy to release the scent.

I'd melt it down in a water bath and remake it in a new jar - I'm sure if you asked on your local facebook pages you'd find someone with an empty yankee jar you could have

lucysmam Sat 09-Jan-21 15:44:12

Ah, thanks WitchQueen that's what I thought would happen so I'll not light it to find out!

Would I just pop the wax in a container to melt it in a water bath then pour into a new jar? My friend may have an empty Yankee jar sat on her kitchen table - I'm sure there was a nearly used one on there last time I went round (although that was before Christmas so may be gone by now).

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WitchQueenofDarkness Sat 09-Jan-21 19:37:50

Yes - exactly. It's much safer than using direct heat to melt the wax. Use a blob of sticky tack of some sort to hold the wick down ( or use a bit of the candle wax itself, let it cook then pour the rest in.

lucysmam Sat 09-Jan-21 20:44:00

Great, thank you.

I've messaged my friend so she's going to pop the jar into the parcel I have being delivered there on Monday & put them on her doorstep when I message that I'm almost at work. Hopefully the parcel will be there by then 🤞

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