PIP review, will payment now stop?

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yankeedoodledandee Sat 09-Jan-21 13:13:08

PIP review form for DH was sent late November, his existing award has now ended (4th January), does he only get paid up until 4th Jan or will they extend his existing award until they make a decision?

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Buzlightyear1 Sat 09-Jan-21 13:29:05

I’m not a 100% sure but I would assume they would keep the claim going until they have made a decision. They are running late with a lot of these things at the moment. As long as your husband illness has not improved and as long as you or your husband have filled in all forms and been to meetings at the correct times. Meeting all the deadlines Then I think the claim would be kept the same until the claim has been updated. If you need any help or advice with benifits citizens advice are very helpful.

yankeedoodledandee Sat 09-Jan-21 13:36:59

Thanks we have had all the help, it was welfare rights who filled the form after talking to us on the phone. He hadn't had any face to face meetings for a few years. I can't find anything concrete to say they still pay after the existing award ends though. I don't want to bother the welfare rights as it's not that important I just wondered out loud really.

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hennipenni Sat 09-Jan-21 13:41:07

They carried on paying my daughters

yankeedoodledandee Sat 09-Jan-21 13:43:01


Thank you, how long after her award expired did they renew it?

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hennipenni Sat 09-Jan-21 13:55:35

I think it was about 4’months

yankeedoodledandee Sat 09-Jan-21 14:01:58


Oh wow that is a long time sad

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hennipenni Sat 09-Jan-21 14:09:34

They had a huge backlog of reviews due to Covid, she had her f2f just before the beginning of the first lockdown.

PistolKnight Sat 09-Jan-21 14:17:29

They will carry on paying if it's a transfer form dla to pip but if it's a renewal for pip afaik the payments will stop and then be backdated if it is renewed

PistolKnight Sat 09-Jan-21 14:20:02

Actually ignore the above https://www.gov.uk/pip/when-your-pip-claim-is-reviewed says the payments continue smile

yankeedoodledandee Sat 09-Jan-21 14:22:13


Thanks, it's just a PIP review. Not transfer from DLA.

Welfare rights were seeing reviews back in 2 weeks in Scotland last year when everyone else was waiting months because we will be changing to our own benefit soon (it's only been postponed due covid) so the majority were being put through unless there were any major changes that needed further evidence etc.

I'm not too worried anyway, mainly about him losing his blue badge in case he needs to go anywhere - unlikely just now anyway tbh

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yankeedoodledandee Sat 09-Jan-21 14:24:24

See I read that link and couldn't quite work out if they will pay it while it's ended review if the existing award has expired, it doesn't say and it is assuming your review will be done before the devious award runs out. Not too clear imo.

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yankeedoodledandee Sat 09-Jan-21 14:30:24

Previous, not devious blush

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Murinae Sat 09-Jan-21 14:32:50

Daughters dla to pip ended when the pip decision was made and was back dated when we won at tribunal

CyberPixie Sat 09-Jan-21 14:33:29

It carries on till the decision on the review.

PistolKnight Sat 09-Jan-21 14:35:53

Yes- I aways thought it did expire and then that link made me doubt that, I'd say give them a ring but it takes about an hit to get through to them.

There's a really good group on fb https://www.a1benefitsupport.com/?fbclid=IwAR2JaeUf5VquncX5AtgM5BApwmWd6XqYYbeAk5uMzd_tMVSKcvyAA4WqICk

You join on fb through the link in that page, they would know

PistolKnight Sat 09-Jan-21 14:36:20

Hour* not hit grin

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