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Lissie1986 Sat 09-Jan-21 10:30:34

Hi im new here and first time mum I'm 23 weeks 4days and i find myself panicking about my babys health ect and if shes actually really going to come to us because I dont feel pregnant ...

isit normal at this stage to not feel pregnant? What do feeling pregnant actually feel like? Am I being paranoid due to wanting this lil baby for so long and trying for 12 yrs having 2 losses and fertility issues and a failed ivf on the way and to conceive naturally after it all... I hope you can understand this

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1950s1 Sat 09-Jan-21 18:35:21

I suppose you could get an ultrasound to check on them

StopMakingATitOfUrselfNPissOff Sat 09-Jan-21 19:10:20

Are you feeling movements and kicks etc?

ShalomToYouJackie Sat 09-Jan-21 19:16:28

Hi OP, I'm 23+3 due on 5th May. I don't feel pregnant at all, I think the second trimester is a bit of an odd time as all or most of the first trimester symptoms have done and you might not really look pregnant. Apart from the occasional kick/flutter I often forget I'm pregnant!

RunnerDuck2020 Sat 09-Jan-21 19:17:17

Hi Lissie,

Have you started to feel the baby kick yet? I think it’s quite normal to be anxious after a long journey to get pregnant - I also had fertility issues, IVF and two miscarriages along the way and I am now at 21 weeks but I am still struggling to believe that the baby’s will actually arrive.

If you have been feeling the baby kick and now you are not, then it would be worth contacting the antenatal team and they may be able to give you a scan to check everything is ok.


Lissie1986 Sat 09-Jan-21 23:14:02

Hey ladies

Yes been feeling movements since very early around 12 or 13 weeks I have prosteria placenta.
I'm so glad some of you are feeling the same I'm so worried that because I dint feel preg it means it's not going to happen. She has been moving I just think some says it's not as much as the other or not as much abit would like for reassurance lol I habe a scan on 21st so hopfully everything good x

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RunnerDuck2020 Sun 10-Jan-21 10:24:51

The scans seem so far apart don’t they, it’s such a long time to wait when you’re feeling anxious about it. Are you able to speak to your midwife for a bit of reassurance in the meantime? X


Lissie1986 Sun 10-Jan-21 17:23:22

Hey, my midwife seems useless if I text her about anything she always fobs me to to early pregnancy unit lol even if I jist ask to be tested for infection or anything .. I've only seen her once at 16weeks lol ... I felt tons of movement from 12am to 2:30am last night a couple bouts of kicks now and again today mostly low abdominal and about 10nkicks about half hour ago n now gone quiet lol but shes been quiet hopfully she will have a boit of energy again tonight, oh how I love active days lol

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RunnerDuck2020 Sun 10-Jan-21 18:00:29

That’s weird, I would have thought at 23 weeks you would be too far along for the early pregnancy unit! I see you have had IVF in the past and I don’t know if you feel the same way but I got used to having so many appointments and scans throughout the treatment and the nurses always being at the other end of the phone, then once I actually got pregnant and was discharged from the clinic the appointments suddenly seemed very few and far between which doesn’t really help with the anxiety!

I am a few weeks behind you but I’m finding the movements are quite random which makes it really hard to know whether they are normal or not. I think because they baby still has quite a bit of room in there, the fact that you can’t always feel it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not moving. Mine seems to be most active after I have eaten and given it a burst of energy - however in the last few days I have been feeling it moving a lot in the middle of the night and although I know I should be happy to feel it, I can’t help being a bit annoyed when I’m trying to sleep!

I think though that if you go for too long without feeling movement there’s no harm in ringing the antenatal department at the hospital and asking for their advice - I have been told numerous times that they would always rather you checked than sat at home worrying about it.

Lissie1986 Sun 10-Jan-21 21:43:34

Sorry I meant the labour ward haha duno where i got early preg unit from.. baby brain hehe just find my midwife useless.

Are you FTM? Congrats ,When are you due? And yes u have so many appointments and everyone so helpful then your chucked into the deep end alone I conceived naturally after the failed ivf round but I know alot of woman who has said the same as you chucked in the deep end alone .

apparently the midwives dont like to deal with you unless your 24weeks then they will see you if any concerns, I dont know how true this is mind! But rather unfair for people like us who are more anxious than most huh...

I've felt her move everyday it's just not as much as I would like and some days she moves alot more

lol oh no I'm the opposit I wake up some nights and love feeling her move lol k could sit up for hours last night she was all over the show in there from 12am till 2:30 when I decided that's enough I need sleep haha she prob whacked herself out from moving around too much last night .. my movements are still random I think the pattern develops at around 28 weeks isit? maybe I'm just looking for things too soon lol like u said they are still rather tiny with alot of room to move and hide km 24 weeks tuesday and although I've just felt so anxious I never thought it would be like this I thought I'd be so happy dare not ask midwife for any support though shes useless. X

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RunnerDuck2020 Mon 11-Jan-21 17:42:58

Yes this is my first - due on 18 May so will be 22 weeks tomorrow 😬 I do also get the impression that the midwives are more concerned with you later on in the pregnancy. There’s probably a good reason and I’m sure they know what they’re doing but it does all feel very scary and unknown at the moment and how are you supposed to know what is normal and what is not?!

I have also read that patterns start to develop at 28 weeks - I can’t decide if that will help or not ... at the moment I don’t really expect to feel anything but once there is more of a routine I can imagine I will be constantly worrying that it hasn’t moved for five minutes! 😂 x

Lissie1986 Tue 12-Jan-21 14:54:18

Haha oh believe me you will be so paranoid, I'm quite lucky I have a prosteria placenta so I've felt her move very early on but if I feel alot of movement one day and then feel not much for the next few days I'm anxious

And exactly that I find maybe for some of us its reassurance in the first trimester we need the most being first time mums and not knowing what to expect. I have midwife appointment monday and I'm anxious of what to expect there too ha

I think sometimes with movem I'm looking for a pattern that just isnt there yet, but how are we supposed to know any of this without a midwife and regular interaction with them instead of replying in google to tell us lol x

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