If you’ve had covid 19, what helped you feel better?

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GreatBigBeautifulTommorow Sat 09-Jan-21 09:08:01

Friend and family have covid, I’m looking for ideas of things that would be helpful/nice to drop on her doorstep.

I have paracetamol and ibuprofen so far.

If you ve had covid what made a difference?
Cough medicine? Vicks?

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Choconuttolata Sat 09-Jan-21 09:16:25

Cool gel sheets for migraines (that go on forehead).

Hot water bottle or wheatie bags for feeling cold/aches and pains.

Ibuprofen gel for muscle aches.

Peppermint tea for nausea.

Audiobooks to listen to.

Fresh juice smoothies (the innocent green and blue ones helped me as not too acidic).

Chicken soup/other plain soups.


GreatBigBeautifulTommorow Sat 09-Jan-21 09:21:26

@Choconuttolata great ideas Thankyou!
Especially the cool gel sheets as she has a terrible headache.

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funnyoldonion Sat 09-Jan-21 09:28:02

My brother said he loved lots of baths when he had it so I got him some nice bath stuff and those cooling sheet face masks.

Charles11 Sat 09-Jan-21 09:32:37

We took vitamins d and c as we were told that they help.

Isadora2007 Sat 09-Jan-21 09:33:57

Soups or stuff to make simple meals.

Anyone thinking of us was nice regardless. We were fortunately not that unwell.

starrynight19 Sat 09-Jan-21 09:35:22

I think dropping off meals would help the most so they don’t have to mess about cooking / online shopping.


GreatBigBeautifulTommorow Sat 09-Jan-21 09:37:44

Some great ideas, I’m putting them on the list.

I’ve already asked if she wants me to get some food shopping but she declined.

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Flowersandtea Sat 09-Jan-21 09:44:34

20+ strength manuka honey and fresh lemons for throat and cough.
Dark chocolate for energy 😉. X

NancyDrew1966 Sat 09-Jan-21 09:45:12

Sats probe

ilovebagpuss Sat 09-Jan-21 09:47:39

If they have young children who are not unwell that they still have to feed like I did any hot meal/ready meals would have been a big help. I also made a lot of real honey and lemon drinks as they taste so much better and just took paracetamol.

Lindy2 Sat 09-Jan-21 10:03:19

When I'm unwell with any cold/virus I like to have hot baths with Olbas bath oil in it. Assuming they can smell, the menthol scent of the Olbas is very soothing and good for breathing in.

whataballbag Sat 09-Jan-21 10:08:49

I haven't had it but maybe a pulse oximeter?

Vitamin c, d, zinc, garlic extract.

Nice snacks if they can taste/smell.

Audiobooks/books if they feel up to holding one/reading

Camomila Sat 09-Jan-21 10:49:48


orange or apple juice

nice soup - I like leek and potato, tomato is too acidic sometimes

cough sweets for a sore throat


WhyDoesItAlwaysRainMe Sat 09-Jan-21 10:50:59

The only thing that helped me was having a bath, so I would say bubble bath. Also, maybe some nice fresh orange juice.

Yourownpersonaljesus Sat 09-Jan-21 19:47:12

Squash - when I had no appetite. Soup and ice cream - when my appetite started to come back.

BananaPop2020 Sat 09-Jan-21 20:14:55

Bananas, Nurofen and Lucozade. Nice snuggly throw.

Nobbynobbsknob Sat 09-Jan-21 21:45:09

The most helpful thing for me was people cooking for the kids. I felt so guilty for not being able to look after them but knowing that they were being fed made a huge difference.
Also a friend put some activities for the kids together that they could do sitting on my bed

katienana Sat 09-Jan-21 21:50:11

Love the way everyone suggests nice bath stuff, nice soup and nice juice. Do not darken my doorstep with bayliss & harding, heinz or Sunny Delight.
I think that's really thoughtful personally I like a cheesy magazine like Take A Break when I'm ill. Some really good suggestions.

DobbleDobble Sat 09-Jan-21 21:56:32

An electric throw?
My Dh landed in hospital with it unfortunately but pre/post covid he loved the throw.
Also orange lucozade by the gallon!

I had a neighbour cook us shepherds pie one night which was fab, so don’t offer to get shopping, if you can make a pie/casserole/lasagna - fab.

Some magazines pass the boredom too

Norwayreally Sat 09-Jan-21 21:58:31

The only person I know who was very sick with it would only eat soup so I agree with that suggestion.

Aahotep Sat 09-Jan-21 22:02:11

I lived on cup a soup for about a week when I had it as I found it really hard to eat much.
They were the only thing I could stomach

wonderstuff Sat 09-Jan-21 22:06:20

I went through so much paracetamol, back in March (so I assume covid but wasn't tested) was so worried we'd run out.

Agree with soup and magazines, think I finished Twitter and Facebook when I was in bed.

Whattodoffs Sat 09-Jan-21 22:19:28

Honey and Lemon
Loads of bottled water (we barely had the energy to get to a tap to fill bottles up) x

CoffeeAndEnnui Sat 09-Jan-21 22:24:31

Asda does a menthol 'Bronchial Balsam' cough medicine which was the only thing that helped ease my breathing enough to sleep. It's in an old fashioned brown glass bottle and can be taken with other meds.

Apple cider vinegar, lemons and decent honey (to put in hot water) really helped me stay hydrated when I couldn't bear to eat anything. 4711 cologne spray and wipes stopped me feeling gross and I would've killed for the cool forehead strips!

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