Is it normal for a tooth extraction hole to look quite deep two weeks later?

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ToHellinahandbasket Fri 08-Jan-21 23:36:45

Had a tooth out 16 days ago - lower molar.
All been fine, healing well, back to eating normally.
Had a peek earlier and it was kind of packed with white stuff that looked like food debris (same colour as the food I’d been eating)
Just rinsed before bed, for the first time did it a bit more vigorously than normal although not really hard - without thinking - and the white stuff is gone and the hole looks quite deep now.
It looks pinky coloured I think from what I can tell so I’m hoping it’s all normal and that the blood clot has just sunk and dissolved and I can see the new gum forming but I wasn’t sure if there should still be a hole at this stage if that makes sense?
It’s massively shrunk half of it is already all pink and looks a bit more filled in.

It’s too late for the dreaded dry socket isn’t it? I don’t have any pain (touch wood!) and I presume that would kick in straight away?

Thank you!

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nothingcanhurtmewithmyeyesshut Sat 09-Jan-21 00:33:01

Yeah it'll look like that for ages. It takes about 6 months for the hole to completely fill in but after 2 weeks its way too late for dry socket. Dry socket happens when you lose the clot early on and the bone and nerves in the socket are left exposed to the air. Once the gum has healed over the bottom and sides you're no longer at risk from it. As long as you don't retraumatise the area and make it bleed again, its fine. You'll have a dip there for ages but after 2 weeks the wound is pretty much healed.

cuddlymunchkin Sat 09-Jan-21 00:35:58

Yes, as the poster above says, it takes a surprising amount of time for it to heal up. It felt like the hole would never go for me and then it suddenly had closed up - maybe a month? And again, like above, there will always be a dip afterwards but nothing major. It sounds like it's all healing up just fine, don't worry you're over the worst!

ToHellinahandbasket Sat 09-Jan-21 00:39:12

Ah okay thanks very much! I made it bleed a tiny bit when brushing the other day but it wasn’t loads of blood or anything just a little spot or two where it had caught the new gum so hopefully that won’t count as retraumatising!

Thanks for the advice I wasn’t really sure what to expect, had a google but still wasn’t clear! I don’t know why I was surprised that there was still quite a hole it makes sense it will take a while to fill in especially since it heals from the bottom up!

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nothingcanhurtmewithmyeyesshut Sat 09-Jan-21 11:48:08

Nah you'd have to really go some to expose the bone again. New gum tissue grows fast but the bone takes longer.

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