A little tip on how to open a reluctant bottle of Cava

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Powerplant Fri 08-Jan-21 22:34:28

I haven’t had a glass of Cava for months and months but Graham Norton is on later and amazingly found a bottle at the back of the cupboard. Cork was solid no movement whatsoever...... so tea towel over the cork, kitchen door primed open, insert bottle/cork in between door frame, carefully pull the door towards you and twist the bottle. Hey Presto a gentle pop and now sat with a lovely fizzy glass. Feel free to use, in the past I’ve resorted to digging the cork out with a fork in sheer desperation. 🍾🍾

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HeelsHandbagPerfumeCoffee Fri 08-Jan-21 23:38:41

Now you won’t see that tip on the one show
Cheers enjoy your cava!

OHolyTights Fri 08-Jan-21 23:40:58

Rubber gloves - same as stubborn jars.

Powerplant Sat 09-Jan-21 00:08:53

Cava was lovely ohh maybe The One Show would be interested 😊

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MutantNinjaCovid Sat 09-Jan-21 00:13:56

Just use a saber

Iflyaway Sat 09-Jan-21 00:18:22

I had that around Christmas. I used pliers.

parietal Sat 09-Jan-21 00:19:13

the trick with a saber (or the back of a knife) works remarkably well.

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