What little things do you do that make you happy?

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KatnissNeverdone Fri 08-Jan-21 21:18:35

Just that really. DS is once again having to shield and last lockdown my mental health really took a battering. I'm looking for little ways to try and keep the serotonin flowing.

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Taskmasterlover Fri 08-Jan-21 21:20:25

Have a nice breakfast, avocado on toast, scrambled eggs, pancakes, shakshuka smile with a good coffee. I always find this sets me up better for the day.

Robbybobtail Fri 08-Jan-21 21:22:42

I’m currently watching loads of old Disney films with the dc that I haven’t seen since I was a kid - just watched lady and the tramp and thoroughly enjoyed it!

I also found pleasure in doing some decluttering today, I find I put these things off but once I start it’s quite therapeutic and taking 6 bin bags to the tip got me out for a drive too!

Been cooking from scratch a bit more too - flicking through cookery books that have never even seen the light of day before!

whyarentiskinnyet Fri 08-Jan-21 21:22:55

Nice food, walks with the dog, long hot showers and keeping my space clean and tidy and organised all help me feel better. Oh and buying flowers for myself.

Imissmoominmama Fri 08-Jan-21 21:28:02

I walk- every day, for as long as possible. I always do a good dinner, light the fire and a nice candle, and read. Our animals help to keep me positive too.

Oh, and I check in with friends. I hope you find something to get you through OP.

NeonSparkle Fri 08-Jan-21 21:37:59

Long hot baths with a nice bubble bath,
Clean cosy pyjamas and dressing gown,
Fresh sheets on the bed,
Agree with previous poster - love watching old Disney films - feels so comforting and nostalgic, I also really enjoy watching YouTube videos about serial killers or documentaries about them on Netflix, but I know that can be a bit niche lol!
Also love going for a nice country walk, cooking a nice dinner - either trying something new from a recipe book or just something simple and indulgent. A roast dinner or a curry always feels like a treat. Also enjoy doing myself a little charcuterie board as well - prosciutto, fresh fruit, nice cheeses, crusty baguette etc. Or a dinner of just beige party food.
having a pamper, doing my nails, shaving my legs in the bath, doing a face mask, hair mask etc whilst listening to some good music, lighting a candle.
Reading a good book in bed with a cup of hot chocolate or tea.

ilovespinach Fri 08-Jan-21 21:40:46

Jogging in the forest every other day


user1471523870 Fri 08-Jan-21 21:44:38

Nice coffee, putting make up and perfume on every day, my new pajamas, making lists of things I want to do and cross some items out every day.

KatnissNeverdone Fri 08-Jan-21 21:52:27

Some lovely ideas already. I really like thought of having a nice breakfast to set us up for the day. I've got DD (8) home with me and I know she'd love a proper breakfast rather than me chucking a bowl of cereal at her. Also like the idea of cooking new things. I think now might not have been the right time to start a diet!

I do get out everyday to walk the dogs but one can sometimes be reactive so it can just be an additional stress. I might chuck the dog walking at DH a couple of days and have a stress free walk.

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BillyAndTheSillies Fri 08-Jan-21 21:55:29

I've taken up running again. And listen to audiobooks while I do it. It's the nicest change I've made to my life in a long time.

AngryPrincess Fri 08-Jan-21 21:57:02

Put some crumbs and fresh water out for the birds, then watch them from the window. Especially in the cold weather.

KatnissNeverdone Fri 08-Jan-21 21:58:57

I would love to take up running but had a hip replacement a couple of years ago due to dysplasia and I've been advised against it.

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Soutiner Fri 08-Jan-21 22:01:55

Brush my hair. It distributes oils evenly and stimulates the scalp. My hair is thicker than when I was young and I keep it long and it’s so relaxing to brush it and it is just a nice way to feel good about self care.

Wellthisismorethanabitgrim Fri 08-Jan-21 22:04:51

Learning to cook and bake new things, I've pretty much perfected pizza in the last year. And jigsaws and lego. I used to be a big reader but for some reason the pandemic has shot my concentration.

I also have a reactive dog so totally understand that dog walking isn't always the nice relaxing activity people think it is!

Mochatatts Fri 08-Jan-21 22:10:24

Long baths
A good coffee/mocha/tea mood depending
Lighting candles, putting on lamps and fairy lights
Avocado and poached egg on toast
Going for a walk in the woods or by the river
Reading in bed
Clean bedding
Music on loud and a drive in the car
Giving the house a deep clean/declutter

OhioOhioOhio Fri 08-Jan-21 22:12:04

A hot bath.

penguin7 Fri 08-Jan-21 22:12:46

I listen to podcasts, some of my favourites:

Happy Place - Fearne Cotton

The Frank Skinner Show

The Jason Manford Show

Sh**ged Married Annoyed - Chris & Rosie Ramsey

I listen to them whilst walking, driving, chilling in bed, cleaning and as I do the ironing it makes it feel less of a chore then.

CarterBeatsTheDevil Fri 08-Jan-21 22:18:33

I have a fabulous dog but he is getting older and can't handle a long or fast walk so I walk him for 20 mins or so then put him back in the house and go for a longer walk (sighthound, very happy to curl up on his bed without me for a couple of hours).

Just a half hour brisk walk in the elements makes me feel like a new person. I normally listen to a podcast or a playlist whilst I'm out.

I also like drawing with my 3 year old, making simple recipes that she can "help" with, and watching 80s films.

Kindlethefourth Fri 08-Jan-21 22:19:14

A structure with treats built in. My favourite coffee from the machine at home before starting work. Pop master quiz at 10.30. Cups of tea from favourite Mug. Home made soup at lunchtime (from freezer-I do actually do some work and not just make and consume liquids all day smile). Candle burning while I work. Have bought some naff fake tree type things with pretty copper lights so love turning them on with a smart plug from my phone as soon as it starts to go dark (yes I know how sad I am). Daily walk with smart watch recording distance. Shower and use gorgeous smelling shampoo like salted caramel fudge. A book off my wanted list being heavily reduced for my kindle. Schitt's creek binge watch. Filling bird feeders with new seeds and fat balls (peri menopause and lockdown combined has turned me into a crazy bird lady). Audiobooks with a batch cooking session. I can still be a right grump though wink

prawncocktailpringles Fri 08-Jan-21 22:42:54

Glastonbury videos. Podcasts. Cuddling the cats.

Stompythedinosaur Fri 08-Jan-21 22:46:57

I love board games and card games. Also podcasts about serial killers. And coffee flavoured ice cream.

prawncocktailpringles Fri 08-Jan-21 22:51:03

Trying to memorise the lyrics to Gett Off by Prince.

wanderlove Fri 08-Jan-21 22:57:58

I agree with watching Schitt's Creek above. New pyjamas for enjoying relaxing at home. Sorting out cupboards etc. Flowers. Candles on. Reading a book rather then my phone. No drinking and getting enough sleep. I try and get dressed nice and do my hair a couple of times a week. Going for a walk with the dog every day and listening to an uplifting podcast--Happy Place is great. Running in nature. Most of these are either free or cost nothing. Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm trying to make it special despite everything so will have lovely Breakfast, fresh coffee and am trying an online yoga class

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