Best / most comfortable crochet hooks?

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SinkGirl Fri 08-Jan-21 20:05:56

Posting here for the traffic. Am doing a lot of crochet at the moment as I’m designing some kits.

I seem to have misplaced all my soft grip smaller size hooks and stuck with horrid thin metal ones.

I treated myself so a few Furls one which were so expensive and two of them snapped the first time I used them - absolutely gutted as they were so comfortable to use.

I don’t mind spending put on them as using them so much - I mostly use sizes 2.75mm - 4.5mm so likely need metal tips and a chunkier handle.

Any suggestions?

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Merinocool Fri 08-Jan-21 20:54:32

I like tulip etimo rose and clover soft touch best.

user1471538283 Fri 08-Jan-21 22:46:33

Clover soft touch saved me! Lots of different sizes and they are not expensive. I crochet every day and I've had mine for three years without breaking

Murinae Fri 08-Jan-21 22:47:24

I use clover ones too

FoolsAssassin Fri 08-Jan-21 22:49:51

Clover amour for me.

PistolKnight Fri 08-Jan-21 22:52:57

Clover soft touch

pinfloy Fri 08-Jan-21 22:59:57

Clover amour for me


aliasname Fri 08-Jan-21 23:02:23

I recently bought a set of ergonomic hooks but the handles feel sticky after a lot of use... I guess that's because they were quite cheap? I didn't realise there was such a difference in quality (had previous hook, plain metal, for 25 years... it snapped when I used it to scratch my back lol)

Btw those Furl ones look amazing

AnneShirleysNewDress Fri 08-Jan-21 23:02:32

Clover soft touch for me.

Gilead Fri 08-Jan-21 23:19:38

Clover Amour for me.

HidingInTheLight Fri 08-Jan-21 23:44:15

Drops circus

Soutiner Fri 08-Jan-21 23:52:59

I have the pink ones but recently bought Tulip Etimo red and they are even better.

I got rid of my Furls hooks as I didn’t think they were al that but if you like that shape then Prym do a similar shape but are much nicer.

Soutiner Fri 08-Jan-21 23:54:56

If you want Wooden ones then I recommend Bowltech

SinkGirl Sat 09-Jan-21 10:14:43

Thanks all - was just looking at Bowltech last night but I’m thinking maybe I’m being unrealistic expecting to be able to do amigurumi with wooden hooks that are a small diameter as they won’t be strong enough (although I’ve used my Drops wooden ones with no issues but just find the handles too thin to be comfortable).

I have some Drops soft grip ones and clover soft touch, both of which are fine. I will try some Clover Amour and Etimo. Also will try an Addi Swing as the handles look so comfortable, just a shame the hook is so short.

The Furls ones made me so happy to look at them, but then very sad very quickly! It’s so nice to use something that doesn’t look so utilitarian and I’m surprised there aren’t more hooks available with larger handles as it really does make it so much more comfortable to use if you use a knife grip.

I’ve avoided the Prym ergonomic ones because of the plastic hooks but maybe I should give one a go?

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pinfloy Sat 09-Jan-21 10:24:14

I recently bought a set of ergonomic hooks but the handles feel sticky after a lot of use... I guess that's because they were quite cheap?

I started off with a multi pack similar in design to the clover amour ones, they seemed fine at the time, but once I tried a clover one you could really feel the difference - the cheapo ones have got sticky handles now.

NooneElseIsSingingMySong Sat 09-Jan-21 11:46:26

My favourites are the ones I’ve ordered from Fleabubs and Lala link to website here. She hand moulds the designs and you can choose your colours and designs. They are really smooth and last well.

ThisTooShallPassHopefully Sat 09-Jan-21 12:00:39

I love my tulip etimo hooks.
Found clover soft touch painful to use as the handle is so flat.
I'm tempted to buy a furl hook but can't figure out which size hook I would use the most to justify the cost.

I also like the addi swing hook, did you know they do them with a longer shank now? They are called addi swing maxi!

SinkGirl Sat 09-Jan-21 15:50:02

Ooh, Addi swing Maxi sounds good - will look for them!

Have just had a chat with a guy who makes handturned ones and sells on Etsy who says he’s never had one his snap - have ordered one and will see, let’s hope I don’t break it 😬

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RaRaRasputinHardBastardToKill Sat 09-Jan-21 15:52:47

Addi swing all the way! Just make sure you get the longer hook part (metal bit). I love mine. I have about 5 now.

ThreeLadsPointingAtAStar Sat 09-Jan-21 15:54:01

Addi Swing - love them

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