What are ‘treat’ things people buy themselves?

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peanacat Fri 08-Jan-21 17:38:54

It’s just been my birthday and am fortunate enough to have been given a gift card to be used in a number of places (most high street places online included). I have around £120 to spend.

Can I ask what indulgent things people like to buy for themselves as a treat to get an idea of what to buy?

PS I hope I am not coming off as insensitive as I know people are having money worries right now. I’m sorry if I offend anyone with this thread. This is a huge chunk of money for me, so even more reason I am struggling to think of ways to spend it. The gift card was bought for me with the intentions of me treating myself as it was a ‘big’ birthday, so I really don’t just want to fritter it away on the food shop, bills etc, as my parents will ask me what I chose to buy with it

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nancybotwinbloom Fri 08-Jan-21 17:40:35

Can you get a nice piece of jewellery as it's a big birthday so something you will keep.

There are some good sales on at the min.

katy1213 Fri 08-Jan-21 17:44:16

New coat? Shoes or boots? Handbag? I'd buy one good-quality item that you couldn't normally stretch to. Or if there's nothing you need, maybe subscribe to a few months of flower deliveries?

WingBingo Fri 08-Jan-21 17:45:36


A lovely jumper to keep you warm would be my choice.

TwoHundredThousandTimes Fri 08-Jan-21 17:46:42

I usually buy jewellery.

treeslets Fri 08-Jan-21 17:46:59

I need new boots but struggle to get any that fit so need to go to shoe shops and try them on which isn't an option at the moment. So, I'd probably buy something for the house. I know that's doesn't really count as it's not just for me, but after spending years saving up to sort the house out and finally starting work last year, it's what would make me happy.

sidsgranny Fri 08-Jan-21 17:47:28

A lovely bag or purse?
Something for the garden?
Is there anything technical you could put it towards? Airpods or Apple Watch?


DK123 Fri 08-Jan-21 17:48:28

I usually get nice stuff for my kitchen when I've got spending money

covetingthepreciousthings Fri 08-Jan-21 17:48:55

Candles or perfume are my usual go to treats.

956806416ak Fri 08-Jan-21 17:49:07

Honestly, thermal socks, books, boots and very cosy jumpers.

Spied Fri 08-Jan-21 17:49:10

A new perfume
A luxury bath oil
Dressing gown
A luxury throw
New bedside lamp

ellenleaves Fri 08-Jan-21 17:49:44

An electric foot massager!

AtleastitsnotMonday Fri 08-Jan-21 17:49:54

I was going to free she fresh flowers but with that budget I’d go for more of an investment! I recently spent that on a weighted blanket and I’m very please with my purchase.

peanacat Fri 08-Jan-21 18:00:42

Ooh especially liking the cashmere and jewellery ideas.. they scream luxury! Don’t even know how much a cashmere item would be but I will have a look! Can’t believe I didn’t even think of jewellery 😂

I’ve got one designer bag already, but I’ve got a toddler so I’m still very much stuck in ‘changing bag’ territory so haven’t used it much recently, and my lovely friend bought me a DKNY purse last year.

These ideas are all great though, giving me loads to think about!

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sausagepastapot Fri 08-Jan-21 18:01:46

Subscription to a beauty box or Freddie's flowers


Reed diffuser

VenusClapTrap Fri 08-Jan-21 18:01:50

Personally, I’d buy a rare intersectional peony. They are outrageously expensive but outrageously beautiful. The flowers are massive.


Figgygal Fri 08-Jan-21 18:03:31

I have a house full of handbags and coats
I don’t even wear engagement, eternity, wedding and other special ring anymore so not a jewellery person
Not fussed about makeup or skincare

I’d prob buy wine and restock with some really nice bottles
I did exactly this before Xmas with a £50 gift from work

Figgygal Fri 08-Jan-21 18:04:14

Oh and books

lastqueenofscotland Fri 08-Jan-21 18:08:30

Nice beer
Currently a merino wool base layer in this weather!

MartiniDry Fri 08-Jan-21 18:16:06

Books, a Kindle, bed linen, a luxurious throw, glass candlesticks in jewel colours, a teapot or coffee pot set, beautiful storage for working from home things/stationery/jewellery, craft items, fabulously decadent stationery, a good whisky, decanter, crystal glasses, a piece of art or print, make up, nice item of luggage, a large Lush box.

Now I need to decide which of these I buy myself, having a similar amount to spend!

bjjgirl Fri 08-Jan-21 18:18:53

I have a cashmere / silk house coat, was a gift this Xmas and I love it so much

Nunoftheother Fri 08-Jan-21 18:20:10

Nice underwear. A beautiful scarf. Outrageously expensive chocolates. Luxurious toiletries.

M&S is good for reasonably-priced cashmere. Hope you don't have moths!

MrsTWH Fri 08-Jan-21 18:20:32

Books, candles, posh chocs, nice skincare/makeup...
My personal indulgence is Neom bedtime bath foam and scent to destress range!

Omeara Fri 08-Jan-21 18:21:11

Jo Malone candle and Hotel Chocolat chocolates.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 08-Jan-21 18:25:22

I've just ordered myself some new boots as a) I need a treat, b) boots are my favourite footwear c) they went in the sale, immediately want out of stock but have just come back again.

Other than boots, my favourite not cheap treats are:
Neom candles
Lovely bath product s in glass bottles: Neals Yard/Aromatherapy Associates
Aveda or Clarins hand cream
Sterling silver earrings

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