Making dough in breadmaker to bake in oven?

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MoiraRosesWigWall Fri 08-Jan-21 15:20:12

I've got a breadmaker which I've used plenty of times to make bread, but now I want to get it to just make the dough, and bake it in the oven. How long does it need to prove for once it's out of the maker, how long should I bake it for, and at what temp? I'm making a M sized loaf (400g flour).

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sassafras123 Fri 08-Jan-21 17:03:53

I use the dough programme most days to make bread. I use a Foccasia recipe, leave dough to rise for about an hour then bake 30 mins at 190.

peapotter Fri 08-Jan-21 17:07:47

My dh does the bread, rising for about an hour in a warm oven, then 9 minutes to cook at 210.

Just follow a normal bread recipe online but use the machine to knead. It’s a bit of trial and error but you’ll find what works for you.

FedUpAtHomeTroels Fri 08-Jan-21 17:40:48

I used to make the dough in the breadmaker all the time, then I only prooved it once I made the shape I wanted. Came out great, fresh dinner rolls, and small tin loaves were very popular. Pizza dough on dough only setting worked really well too.

LoveFall Fri 08-Jan-21 18:07:20

I use my breadmaker to make all kinds of dough, including brioche burger buns. I shape them and then proof for about an hour.

I also make baguettes this way. Again, proof for about an hour.

Pizza dough also works well. I even freeze it and can use it to make a pizza in about 2 hours of taking it out to defrost.

Until you get the hang of your particular yeast and flour, just keep an eye out for over proofing.

Sourdough is different and needs longer proofing, usually overnight in the fridge.

Happy bread making.

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