Presents for a 14 yo boy

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Almahart Fri 08-Jan-21 11:10:41

My son wants some surprises for his birthday. I am all out of ideas post Christmas. His top Christmas present surprise was a beanie with headphones in that his uncle got him.

What else do boys that age like? He's got a lava lamp, blue tooth speakers, gaming headphones etc

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Fivemoreminutes1 Fri 08-Jan-21 13:19:23

Bears vs Babies game
Soda Stream
Waffle maker
How Stuff Works magazine subscription
Dart board
Metal Earth kits
T-shirt from Illuminated Apparel
Marble Maze puzzle
Lego Architecture
Exit escape room game

spiderlight Fri 08-Jan-21 13:32:38

My 13-year-old's favourite Christmas present by far was his sofa sack - he's spent every evening snuggled up in it and has also discovered that it's great for sliding down the stairs in!

BigusBumus Fri 08-Jan-21 13:43:00

I've bought these LED lights for my 14 year old sons bedroom. All his mates have them too.

They are self adhesive and plug in and have a little remote control for changing all the colours etc. There is a phone app too to connect them too and they change to music etc.

TickleMyPickle Fri 08-Jan-21 13:55:09

I’m here for inspiration as my teen son has a birthday soon, but one of his Xmas gifts that went down well was a subscription to this

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