How are you keeping your spirits up and preventing Groundhog Day?

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Shudawuda Fri 08-Jan-21 10:48:59

I’m struggling quite a bit, WFH full time with 3 small children (single ex is no where to be seen). Do have a “bubble” my sister but she’s teaching all day so kids can’t go/stay there other than eldest sometimes.

My day goes - wake up at 7, get eldest on remote homeschooling, start teams calls, ignore all children and destruction other than throwing lunch at them while taking calls, end work day, clean up destruction, late dinner and bed by midnight as they aren’t tired and want mummy time. 1hr tv/bath or more work if I’ve failed that day. Sleep (if I can).

I need something for me. So wanted a positive thread about how people are changing things up a bit or having at least a treat or something different to stop the endless pointlessness of life?!

For context I used to travel a lot, abroad too, maybe date a bit or see friends. Not often but a couple of times a month. But grandparent and paid for childcare, and obviously school time has all gone. So this isolation for a sociable out and about person feels like my own life is now over and I exist for the needs of others only.

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