Hcg still lingering 7 weeks after miscarriage

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Rachyb87 Fri 08-Jan-21 09:44:59

So I'm getting slightly peed off now and wondering if anyine has had anything similar. I posted a few backs wondering when my af would return.

Anyway. Had a mmc 8 weeks ago had to take abortion pills. I'd have been around 8 weeks.
Every passes and i had a scan 3 weeks later to confirm.
Af returned 5.5 weeks later even though i was still getting positive fr & cb.
So af lasted 4 days and was light just like my regular af.
Did a cb at 7 weeks and it said not pregnant which is what i wanted to see and pursumed hcg must be back at zero.
1 week later, making it 8 weeks since and fr is still showing a faint positive. I was really expecting a bfn.
I know fr are super sensitive but i just want that bfn now.
How did i get my af if my hcg is still present. It must be between 6-25 going of what the fr and cb detect from.
Was my af even a period? I'm so confused right now.
Fr are definitely getting fainter but also still definitely positive (I'll attach a picture if i can)
Has anyone had anything similar? Anyone had af or even ovulated with hcg still lingering around? 🙄🙄
I feel like screaming 😂😂

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okokok000 Fri 08-Jan-21 10:15:57

Can you go for a check up/scan/bloods? I had this with my last miscarriage. When I went for a procedure it had to be cancelled as I was still technically pregnant and then had to be "medically managed" - the drs had a lot of trouble getting everything so it wouldn't have completed naturally. Sorry you're going through this.

Rachyb87 Fri 08-Jan-21 11:27:03

@okokok000 I'm so sorry for your loss too, was this a recent loss, how are things for you now?

Well i was thinking of going to the doctors and getting my levels checked but with everything covid related i reckon I'd struggle to get an appointment. I know it is reducing but it's just taking it's time. I've no idea where i am in my cycle now. I'm cd12 and sign of pending ovulation. I usually have a 26/28 day cycle.
I had a scan after 3 weeks and everything was clear so no concerns there.

I'm wondering if it's worth waiting it out a few more weeks and take another test. All other brand of tests are showing negative so maybe I'm just being impatient. It's just threw me abit because I've had a period and everything I've read suggest hcg will be at zero to get a period but clearly not in my case.

I've got a load of opk's and going to start temping too.

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Rachyb87 Fri 08-Jan-21 11:28:44

no sign of pending ovulation i mean

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CommanderBurnham Fri 08-Jan-21 11:57:02

Sorry for your loss. It happened to me. I had retained some tissue and had a cyst on an ovary preventing ovulation. Call the early pregnancy unit and explain hopefully they'll get you in for a scan.

okokok000 Fri 08-Jan-21 12:04:10


Thanks. no it was December 2018 - Feb 2019. Things are ok and waiting to start next round of IVF. Thanks.

Just so you're not wasting unnecessary time I'd call the early pregnancy unit like @CommanderBurnham suggested. Good luck.

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