LED strip lights... advice please?

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Serendipity09 Fri 08-Jan-21 09:12:48

Does anyone have these? The sticky strips of lights that seem to be all the rage at the moment? DD would really like some but I have no idea about them!
Do they just stick up? Do they plug in? Doesn't a cable coming down from ceiling to plug look a mess?
Please help if you have some! Any links to good ones would be good too. Thank you!

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Redlocks28 Fri 08-Jan-21 09:15:32

My DD is after these to stick on the wall around the top by the ceiling.

I said no because I can see them falling off and taking the paint/wallpaper/plaster down with them!

Would be interested to hear from anyone who actually has them though!

tenlittlecygnets Fri 08-Jan-21 09:20:03

Just put some up in DD's room! You unpeel the backing to stick them up. They come with extra plastic clips you stick onto the wall and can slot the lights into to give them more grip. Easy to install.

We've stuck them onto the wall and bedroom cupboards. They look gorgeous! Haven't tried to move them yet though...

1happyhippie Fri 08-Jan-21 09:20:19

We have them. Got a set for Christmas. They have a sticky back on them, I literally just peeled the back off and stuck them on.
Yes, they have a wire that needs to come down to a plug socket (we done this behind the wardrobe).
They look good and dd is pleased with them.


We got those ones

tenlittlecygnets Fri 08-Jan-21 09:21:08

You do have to plan where they go because they will need to be plugged in, so see where the wire will be least visible.

20viona Fri 08-Jan-21 09:22:00

Iv got some
Behind my tv that plug into a usb on the telly. They look really effective and add light to that corner.

Bluntness100 Fri 08-Jan-21 09:23:53

God I had these years ago, I lived in a very modern house and put them round the edges of one room. Were cool but did keep moving. You literally just peel the back, stick them on and plug in.


Serendipity09 Fri 08-Jan-21 09:26:45

Thank you all. I will have a look at the think. Does the cable to plug socket tend to be quite long? I think I'll have to go down the door and along the skirting for it not to look unsightly

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Bluntness100 Fri 08-Jan-21 09:33:21

If you look at the links it generally tells you how long the cable is.

billyt Fri 08-Jan-21 09:39:37

My daughter and SIL have some. Easily fitted with the supplied tape or brackets.

They control theirs via Alexa.

fairydustandpixies Fri 08-Jan-21 09:43:28

I have them under the worktops in my kitchen. Also want to get some to run along the skirting behind my bed. They're very relaxing and create a warm feeling atmosphere. Just peel off the backing strip, stick where wanted and plug in. Most have remote controls. You can also cut them if they're too long.

Serendipity09 Fri 08-Jan-21 09:47:03

Brilliant, thank you for all your help

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Pippa234 Fri 08-Jan-21 09:57:46

Just look through alot of the reviews if you get them from Amazon, I was thinking of getting some but saw a review of them of a particular brand, had set on fire.
As I wanted to put them in my kids room it put me off.

3catsandcounting Fri 08-Jan-21 10:02:01

DD has colour-changing ones under her bed, and under the edge of the windowsill; they create a lovely warm glow. Not sure they’d look as good on an exposed wall though.

onyourway Fri 08-Jan-21 10:16:00

This is my dd1's ceiling. She loves them.

3catsandcounting Fri 08-Jan-21 10:45:04

Oh that’s lovely. Is it a projector lamp?

Oldraver Fri 08-Jan-21 13:18:48


Can you recall which brands?
We have several sets on tv's and also just inside DS's wardrobe

onyourway Fri 08-Jan-21 20:30:33

It was this one:

Opard Star Projector Ocean Wave Night Light Projector Color Changing Galaxy Projector Light with Built-in Bluetooth Music Player for Kids & Adults (Black) (UFO Shape) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08C4SPTF4/ref=cmsww_rcpp_apifabcc_8cm-FbZA92BFM?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

Belinda554 Fri 08-Jan-21 20:35:14

My children have the star projectors, absolutely fabulous. (I may have ordered one for myself.)

Ours will bounce with music, or clapping too. It’s like having a lava lamp on all of the walls and ceiling.

ScarlettDarling Fri 08-Jan-21 20:40:43

You can get battery powered ones too, no ugly wires to hide.

JennyWreny Fri 08-Jan-21 20:41:15

My DS has two types - LIFX and Philips Hue - you need a "bridge" to connect the Hue ones but the LIFX ones can just connect straight to wifi/phone. I think the LIFX ones are probably the best in terms of colour/features but they are quite expensive - we got them half price on a Black Friday deal.

Both of them have cables that need to be plugged in but DS has them behind some shelving units in his room so the plugs are behind that.

MrsDThomas Fri 08-Jan-21 20:53:58

They are great to look at but don’t really stay up. DD gas them and they’ve made a mess on the ceiling. Other DD bought a
Galaxy light projector snd that us the bees knees😄 its brilliant!

Deadringer Fri 08-Jan-21 21:59:38

We have 2 sets of the the strip lights up about 2/3 years and they still look great. We have the plug part going down behind the curtains, that bit is generally not very long.

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