If you had unlimited money , what would you buy massive amounts of?

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Lockdowner35 Thu 07-Jan-21 21:16:48

Soda and Trainers for me.

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VanGoghsDog Thu 07-Jan-21 21:17:26

Soda? What do you do with it?

Lockdownlovernotfromliverpool Thu 07-Jan-21 21:17:29

Dogs and horses..

HerRoyalNotness Thu 07-Jan-21 21:20:11

Space ie land

Prokupatuscrakedatus Thu 07-Jan-21 21:20:45

Langauge courses.

Hazelnutlatteplease Thu 07-Jan-21 21:21:49

Travel and Disney holidays.

MotherWol Thu 07-Jan-21 21:22:30

Travel and those ridiculous healthy meal delivery services.


SendHelp30 Thu 07-Jan-21 21:22:44

Perfume, holidays and rocky road.

Toilenstripes Thu 07-Jan-21 21:22:45


Mouthfulofquiz Thu 07-Jan-21 21:23:40

Jewellery and books

Aroundtheworldin80moves Thu 07-Jan-21 21:24:42


XVmama Thu 07-Jan-21 21:24:45


Plants and trees for their gardens



Children you sponsor in far places

Pay for undergraduate students to have fee-free tuition, and provide postgraduate research grants for subjects I’m interested in myself. Recently learnt Oxford hasn’t a single historian specialising in Caribbean history which is scandalous. It’s a key reference in Jane Austen FFS.

Serena1977 Thu 07-Jan-21 21:24:49

Psychological support, fitness coach, nutritionist, chef.

TitInATrance Thu 07-Jan-21 21:26:00

I can’t think of anything, and I guess that’s why I didn’t end up with massive amounts of money.

Kljnmw3459 Thu 07-Jan-21 21:26:02

Houses and every type of insurance in existence.

SingingWaffleDoggy Thu 07-Jan-21 21:26:15

Properties that need TLC
Dairy Milk marvellous creations jelly popping candy chocolate

Icenii Thu 07-Jan-21 21:26:18

Land and trees

Thamesis Thu 07-Jan-21 21:27:25

A housekeeper to organise my life MUCH bettergrin

ColdemortReturns Thu 07-Jan-21 21:27:48

Personal chief
Professional person to do all adulting
A swimming pool
Unlimited champagne
A second home somewhere sunny
More kittens

I was so born to be rich. Sigh....

billycorn Thu 07-Jan-21 21:27:56

One to one reformer Pilates sessions 3 times a week.

terriblyangryattimes Thu 07-Jan-21 21:28:31

Socks and knickers. I despise washing socks and putting new never-been-worn-before pants on daily would be a dream.

Turnedouttoes Thu 07-Jan-21 21:29:01

Holidays, a chef and someone to put fresh sheets on my bed every evening

LaurieFairyCake Thu 07-Jan-21 21:29:35


And rent them out below market rent so it would bring down the rents in my area (shockingly high for people)

CherryMaple Thu 07-Jan-21 21:30:06

Jo Malone

EssentiallyDelighted Thu 07-Jan-21 21:31:20

Silver jewellery.

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