Have you ever been so disappointed in a food order before

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Animum2 Thu 07-Jan-21 19:38:31

So today I really fancied an egg mayo sandwich and We all know what that is traditionally supposed to look like, so imagine my surprise when i went to the cafe by work and asked for one

What i got was a thin layer of mayo followed by a layer of egg and another layer of mayo, in my surprise at seeing this made in front of my eyes I didn't think quick enough to stop them and I was left with something that i didn't actually ask for

It was very dry 🙄

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isseys4xmastinselcats Thu 07-Jan-21 19:41:46

we went to a pub near us that had a good rep for sunday roast dinner, it wasnt cheap and it wasnt anything special local toby carvery does a better one, an egg mayo sandwich is chopped up boiled egg with lots of mayo

bearlyactive Thu 07-Jan-21 19:43:29

I once got a plateful of almost uncooked spaghetti at a restaurant. It was beyond al dente grin

RecipeStealingBitch Thu 07-Jan-21 19:45:09

I once ordered an iced coffee from Costa and it was a hot coffee with two ice cubes in 😂

OrangeGinLemonFanta Thu 07-Jan-21 19:46:14

I ordered a mojito and they fucking blended it. Tasted like minty yoghurt somehow.

williowrosenburg Thu 07-Jan-21 19:46:13

When you order a hot dog but it's not a frankfurter... just a bog standard sausage.

Also in Disney parks in America, some of the fast food places advertise for example "burger with a side of chips"

Chips in America = crisps! So you get a burger with a bag of crisps! Sooo disappointing!

EssentiallyDelighted Thu 07-Jan-21 19:53:20

I ordered a prawn salad in a pub once. It turned up and was a pile of just about thawed prawns on a plate of iceberg lettuce. No other salad ingredients, no dressing, no bread to eat with it. When I asked for dressing they looked astonished and managed to provide me with a few sachets of salad cream.


pleasefeedthecat Thu 07-Jan-21 19:55:16

I had chicken pie in a pub once. It consisted of clear chicken soup with some puff pasty floating on top.

ShutTheFuckUp123 Thu 07-Jan-21 19:57:29

I had been dreaming about a Chinese take away from our favourite chinese restaurant all through the first lockdown, after months of waiting my husband ordered one as a surprise. It was bloody awful and was twice the price , it has put me of takeaways since 😡

2021ComeAtMe Thu 07-Jan-21 20:07:38


When you order a hot dog but it's not a frankfurter... just a bog standard sausage.

Also in Disney parks in America, some of the fast food places advertise for example "burger with a side of chips"

Chips in America = crisps! So you get a burger with a bag of crisps! Sooo disappointing!

This made me laugh!

My DH was beyond devastated on our Disney holiday when he came back to the table with his hot dog, covered in pulled pork and coleslaw... and packet of crisps grin

chilledteacher Thu 07-Jan-21 20:13:43

I was in hospital having just had DS1. C section and still wired up so couldn't leave the bed. Dinner trolley came round and I was asked "pasta or baked potato". Went for baked potato, didn't care what sides (it had been a long labour, I was starving and the post labour toast hadn't even touched the sides of my mouth). She plated up and went off-it was only then I looked (having been too engrossed looking at cute little newborn DS1 before that).

Yep. I got a baked potato. Dry baked potato with no sides. There wasn't even a little sachet of butter.

And to my annoyance now I was too embarrassed to make a fuss.

RecipeStealingBitch Thu 07-Jan-21 20:15:10

I also used to frequent a butchers who did amazing roast meat sandwiches at lunchtimes - turkey, pork, lamb sometimes....and of course roast beef. If you got one for those you had to hope you didn’t get the assistant who treated mustard like mayo or ketchup and would whack on several huge dollops. My colleague and I would turn back up at work with streaming eyes and noses from those (admittedly delicious) sandwiches grin

Spied Thu 07-Jan-21 20:21:51

We once decided to treat ourselves to a Sunday dinner at an expensive restaurant.
I asked for the vegetarian roast and it came with greasy beef-dripping potatoes on the plate next to the nut roast. They'd also added a cocktail sausage wrapped in bacon on the side.

MarkRuffaloCrumble Thu 07-Jan-21 20:24:02

Frequently. I normally send a snotty email and hope for a voucher grin

McDonalds sent me £5 after the worst meal I’ve ever had from them (wrong items - not discovered until I got home as of course it’s all takeaway), cold food (its only 5 mins from home) and flat drinks all round. Cost me £25+ so their £5 voucher went in the bin, the bastards.

Delvieroo on the other hand refunded my entire £50 Wagamama order after it arrived cold and flabby last week. I did ask if it had been sent on a bike or in a car as it was stone cold. They reckoned “motorised vehicle” so clearly a moped or something, but he must have done a few deliveries before mine!

My kids are always mortified when I send things back at restaurants, but now that DS is old enough to work and pay for his own dinners out, he realises how annoying it is to hand over several hours worth of wages for a crappy meal.

The worst was at TGI. We’d had a rubbish meal a few weeks before, and been sent a voucher. We used the voucher for our next meal, but they badly overcooked DP’s steak twice to the point where he offered to go in the kitchen and cook it himself grin. Kids were about ready to leave without us at that point grin. He’s always very polite to waiting staff as he knows it’s not their fault. We just like good food - nothing more disappointing than wasting a meal.

itbemay1 Thu 07-Jan-21 20:28:22

Crab starter in an Indian was a chopped up crab stick grin

DuchessofHastings1 Thu 07-Jan-21 20:28:53

When our pizza arrived like this through Uber Eats. They ignored our request for a refund (if its not reported within 24 hours they won't issue a refund) and it took us a week to get a response back

DuchessofHastings1 Thu 07-Jan-21 20:29:44

Pic didnt post.

Wellthisismorethanabitgrim Thu 07-Jan-21 20:33:21

Ordered a cheeseburger in a beach bar in Thailand. Received a slice of processed cheese in a roll.

Another holiday, ordered the vegetarian nachos. Tortilla chips, melted cheese, sour cream.....and broccoli and carrot!!

Cindy87 Thu 07-Jan-21 20:41:05

A Spanish omlette in Gran Canaria - it was oven chips (like french fries) cooked in egg. The side salad was small pile of raw, shredded savoy cabbage.

hedgehogger1 Thu 07-Jan-21 20:49:30

I ordered a prawn cocktail once as a starter. They'd put red onion in it. It was all kinds of wrong

Breathmiller Thu 07-Jan-21 20:52:01

I was travelling with friends in the US in the 90s. They wanted to stop at McDonalds. I was veggie and asked the servers if they did a vegetarian burger. Oh yes of course. Brilliant!
I bit into my roll and thought it must be a tiny burger because i had a few bites and hadn't reached it yet. Opened up my roll and there was no burger. So i took it back to the counter and asked if they had forgotten to put my burger in. They all thought it was hilarious and through her laughter asked "you mean you were expecting a PATTIE? " cue more hilarity behind the counter. My roll with lettuce and sauce WAS the veggie option. Gave my friends no end of laughs as i enjoyed my veggie burger. grin

SlopesOff Thu 07-Jan-21 21:04:07

I was presented with an ice cold selection of grilled vegetables. Pre-cooked and very, very chilled.
Followed by a bowl of hideous pink sauce which eventually revealed some pasta.

I was persuaded to return for another try and was served a bowl of 'fresh' pasta that was almost rock hard because it was cheap dry pasta and had only been in the water for about 30 seconds. They had kindly left some of the water in the bowl, along with some slimy vegetables. There were eventually so many likes and similar reviews on Trip Advisor that mine was removed when they pretended to have closed down.

SlopesOff Thu 07-Jan-21 21:07:12

One more - takeaway fish & chips. Opened it to discover a mix of over cooked and partly raw cold chips, like the leftovers from several plates. The fish looked a bit weird, removed some batter to find grey slime, it was very slippery and disgusting. I declined to eat it. Someone who always knows best ate theirs and had a bad bout of food poisoning that lasted several days.

SlopesOff Thu 07-Jan-21 21:13:21

All from the same place:

A huge filled Yorkshire that looked a bit well cooked but thought it was just a bit overdone around the edges. Even with the gravy inside I bent the knife trying to cut it.

Same place did the same thing with vegetarian sausages, could not cut them at all. Even a hacksaw would have failed.

And cheese on toast where the cheese had vanished into the stale bread and left just a greasy film.

Fish raw in the centre, and fish cakes that were possibly fake fish (vegetarian fish) but were certainly not edible.

Sad thing was, sometimes the food was great, but you never knew when it would be. It was such a lottery I gave up in the end.

caringcarer Thu 07-Jan-21 21:15:41

Shortly before first lockdown ended the local Chinese reopened for takeaway. We were do excited. I ordered chicken wings in BBQ sauce and when they arrived they had a horrible fruity sauce on. I cried.

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