Has anyone done a murder mystery event)?

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Thenthatsthatthen Thu 07-Jan-21 18:38:33

Just that really! DP has expressed interest in attending one at a local hotel for his birthday (Covid permitting of course) later this year, maybe even with friends. Has anyone done one? What actually happens, I’m struggling to imagine it all

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IEat Thu 07-Jan-21 20:26:48

It was me and I haven't been caught

IEat Thu 07-Jan-21 20:27:17

Think Cluedo but with people

YouCantBeSadHoldingACupcake Thu 07-Jan-21 20:30:26

Yes it was fun, you basically have a script, and have to listen to everyone's version of events and figure out who the killer is

EssentiallyDelighted Thu 07-Jan-21 20:35:33

Probably better with strangers, with friends you find yourself getting sidetracked by wanting to chat, especially if you haven't seen them for a while. Or annoyed if you don't get time to chat.

KitKat1985 Thu 07-Jan-21 20:37:34

Yeah and I loved it.

user1471565182 Thu 07-Jan-21 20:48:10

I want to do one at the agatha christie festival in torquay one year.


Thenthatsthatthen Thu 07-Jan-21 21:09:41

@IEat believe it or not I’ve never played cluedo blush. I never knew there was an Agatha Christie festival (off to google) maybe I can delay it a year to save up a bit more and we can make a weekend of it in Torquay.

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