Top 3 things you do in your spare time Now V Then

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PamsterWheel Thu 07-Jan-21 15:34:15

What do you like to do now when you're not working, looking after/entertaining the kids or doing something home related and how much has that changed since this time last year? Doesn't have to be things you do every time you get spare time but your top 3 favourites.

These are mine


1. Watching a film/TV series

2. Listening to podcast/audio book (often with a walk thrown in)

3. Having a bubble bath (also whilst listening to podcast/audio book)


1. Going out for dinner and drinks with husband or a friend

2. Going to the cinema by myself

3. Going to exhibition/gallery by myself

What surprises is me that my top favourite things Then all involve going out of the house and I thought I was a complete homebody! Turns out I just like my own company (or that of a highly selected +1) and generally prefer solitary pursuits whether in or out of the home.

I do enjoy other people's company but only in small measured doses.

What about you?

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PamsterWheel Thu 07-Jan-21 18:37:05


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Kanaloa Thu 07-Jan-21 19:05:06

Last year we loved to go to the cinema, go out for lunch on a Sunday, and visit different NT places - DS and I share a love of castles.

Now... lego projects, arts and crafts & reading lots! Nothing else doing really.

PamsterWheel Thu 07-Jan-21 19:20:11

I am definitely going to eat more Sunday lunches out when we're 'allowed'.

I have had an overwhelming desire to go swimming since the summer and it hasn't left me. I used to go a lot when I was a child and then again when family were young but never really gave it much thought beyond a dip in the pool on holiday since then. CRAVING it now.

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