Basic routine and how to stay motivated!

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Willnevergiveuptrying Thu 07-Jan-21 15:30:17

Hi everyone,
This is my first time signing up and posting!

To cut a long story short- I had a mother who was very much vacant for most of my childhood and I don’t have many happy memories or stories.

Fast forward and I now have a lovely husband and a 3 year old son who I adore.
My son goes to pre-school 2 full days a week, I work 2 full days a week and my husband works full time and has the weekends off.
But my question is... what are peoples daily routines?

Self care

As my mother wasn’t a very good role model I sometimes don’t know what I should/ shouldn’t be doing and I didn’t really have any other exposure to different families and there settings/surroundings.

Not sure if that just sounded like waffling and I need hand holding but any insight would be greatly appreciated! smile

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mumto2teenagers Thu 07-Jan-21 15:46:45

My dd's are now much older so I will base the answers on when they were younger.

Cleaning - on a daily basis we would do the essentials and then on a Saturday morning DH and I would clean the house, change beds, etc. We would take it in turns to do the weekly food shop, although now we do it online it is usually me who orders it and one of us will collect it. I usually cook as I quite enjoy cooking, however DH will if I'm working late.

Activities - DD's both went to dance classes, swimming classes and Brownies. Between myself and DH we would share the drop offs. Swimming was once a week (different time for each child) so I would take them as used to enjoy reading a book while they swam and the other child would stay at home with DH. Dancing was their favourite hobby, we used to share drop offs, sometimes staying as there was a room we could wait and chat to other parents, both took them to competitions at the weekend but if only one was competing I would go and DH stay home with the other DD. We both did individual activities while the other stayed home with the children and would do family activities at the weekend (walks, cinema, bowling, etc).

Self care - we both did individual activities and met with friends, also would go out together approx. twice a month, usually with friends rather than as a couple. We were lucky that we get on well with our parents and mine live close so would always be happy to babysit.

Working - I have always worked full time (mon to fri) since the DD's were young and DH worked full time but shifts so he would often do the school drop offs and pick ups. He changed his job to be able to do this.

Effinell Thu 07-Jan-21 16:04:36

Cleaning: Search Team TOMM on facebook - fab cleaning routine and gives you your weekends free of housework.

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