Is this normal range for a 13 month old?

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Frombeantocupyoufup Thu 07-Jan-21 13:14:11

I don’t have any friends that have children the same age and haven’t been able to go to baby groups as they’ve been closed in my area so I have no point of reference.
I had thought DS was doing okay but downloaded the wonder weeks app and now I’m wondering! He scored lowest on communication on his 12 month check but was well above the threshold so health visitor wasn’t worried but seeing what the app lists for what he should do, it’s made me a little concerned about his development.

He hasn’t got any words yet although says a lot of mummummum. He doesn’t point and only waves a bit when he feels like it.

He can cruise really speedily, crawl and walk with his Walker and takes steps when we hold his hands. He tries to climb everything.

He responds to his name, holds his arms up to be held up and looks at the right parent when we say “where’s mummy?” Or “where’s daddy?”

He understands a few commands like “come to mummy”, “come up”, leans his forehead in for kisses and does a high five when asked but no actions to nursery rhymes or anything.

He isn’t pointing but follows my point or when I say “look” and anticipates games he likes by giggling before the tickling/funny parts have actually happened. He also gestures by reaching for things he wants - food, me, his sippy cup.

He mimics noises and faces - ie blowing raspberries back - oh pulling a “ferocious” face back at his Dad when they are playing rough and tumble.

This all seemed pretty normal to me - as he’s kind of communicating even though he’s not talking or pointing yet IYSWIM but it’s made me wonder. I also saw a smaller baby pointing from their buggy today when we were on a walk which has made me doubly doubt myself and wonder if I’m being all pfb and thinking “he’s fine!” When he might be falling behind?

Sorry, got no RL people to chat to who would know!

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Frombeantocupyoufup Thu 07-Jan-21 13:14:49

He also brings me books he wants me to read and hands me toys if I ask or crawls over with toys to show me

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MostlyAmbridgeandcoffee Thu 07-Jan-21 13:18:49

Sounds fine !!

NoSquirrels Thu 07-Jan-21 13:26:14

He sounds fine to me.

The thing is, they 'work on' different skills at different rates. So for everyone like you, who has an active physical baby, there will be someone who has a communicative, chatty baby who can't be bothered to pull up or even crawl. You'll probably find that once he's mastered walking independently, his other skills will sort of catch-up afterwards.

I wouldn't worry - you're aware of it, so that's OK, you can make sure you're emphasising communication and doing lots of talking, pointing, action songs and so on. It will all help even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment!

Liverbird77 Thu 07-Jan-21 13:29:58

My boy has just turned two. He has had a language explosion in the past two months. Before that, he barely said anything.
I wouldn't worry yet!

MaMaD1990 Thu 07-Jan-21 13:39:23

Sounds absolutely fine, very much like mine at 13 months tbh and now she talks all.the.time. stay off any apps or Google, it'll just worry you. You'll know when something isn't right. As mothers we have enough actual stuff to worry about without going to find things to worry about (even if by accident). Sounds like he is doing wonderfully.

Frombeantocupyoufup Thu 07-Jan-21 13:50:57

Thank you so much, I’ve really struggled being a first time mum with all the lockdowns etc this year, and it’s made me worry that it’s affected his communication as he only really sees us at the moment

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Katewillows1 Wed 18-Aug-21 07:08:43

@Frombeantocupyoufup just wondering how your LO is doing now? I'm in a similar boat. Thanks

bloodywhitecat Wed 18-Aug-21 07:11:14

He is doing fine, he's ahead of my almost 16 month old.

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