Does anyone play the Irish Lottery from the UK?

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BlumminNora Thu 07-Jan-21 12:39:26

I've always played a line on the Lottery since it started way back when I was back in school.
I had turned 16 that week so I bought myself a ticket to 'celebrate' and made the mistake of picking specific numbers so I then ended up getting a ticket every week just in case 'my' numbers came up. Now it's a subscription and for £2 it's really just a bit of fun - I'm not a committed gambler. grin
I don't really expect to ever win a big amount, but you'd think that in 25 years I might have won more than the occasional £10. confused

A friend in Ireland has had several wins in the thousands and tells me that the Irish lottery is one of very few that can be claimed by people living outside of the country, so I thought I'd switch.

It's really really tricky! The Irish lottery does allow you to claim winnings from the UK, but you can't buy a ticket online from unless you're on an Irish server. From sites offering it in the UK, I can't work out which ones are actually playing the lottery versus betting on the result of the lottery (iyswim) such as betfred.
And some sites charge £3 per line instead of €2 (£1.80ish) and that just peeves me!

Does anyone play it with any luck?
Maybe I should just leave this little habit behind in 2020 and enter 2021 £2 a week richer hmm.

(I'd actually really like to play though - so that last line was a fib grin )

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IEat Thu 07-Jan-21 20:30:31

Betting shops probably online now because of lockdown William Hill or paddy Power

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