Help me like quorn

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Ohug Thu 07-Jan-21 08:08:35

I think about what it is too much, isn't it some sort of fungus? It puts me off 😬

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pleasefeedthecat Thu 07-Jan-21 14:49:30

It makes me unwell.

BarbaraofSeville Thu 07-Jan-21 14:19:32

If you're not vegetarian and its just red meat you want to cut down on, how about trying turkey mince instead?

Bluesmartiesandpandapop Thu 07-Jan-21 13:59:44

By all means have a go at quorn, just make sure you have some immodium first

CaptainMyCaptain Thu 07-Jan-21 13:56:31

There’s so much out there now though, so if you don’t like it go for something else. I really like the Birds Eye Green Cuisine vegan range made with pea protein.
I was horribly ill after eating their fake meatballs.

Worst Thu 07-Jan-21 13:32:02

Quorn is definitely not “just a mushroom” or “like blue cheese”. It is an extremely highly processed unnatural and invented food and only marginally plant based - I.e. it doesn’t contain meat, but it doesn’t contain plants either.

It is fermented soil fungus with added glucose. Invented as a byproduct of the petroleum industry. Horrible, horrible stuff.

Although actually, I shouldn’t be surprised that people thought it was “basically a mushroom”. They had to settle a class action in America for misleading people on that.

BellaVida Thu 07-Jan-21 13:24:22

Quorn really varies. I use the pieces in curry, hate the sausages but the southern fried burgers and nuggets are ok, as are the chipotle strips. I find it really filling.

There’s so much out there now though, so if you don’t like it go for something else. I really like the Birds Eye Green Cuisine vegan range made with pea protein. So far I’ve tried sausages, burgers and meatballs which are all really good. They do a bolognaise mix which looks good.


ForSaleChesterDraws Thu 07-Jan-21 13:21:39

We use Vivera mince. Bought it for a few months, made cottage pie, bolognese, chilli etc with it and husband was none the wiser that it wasn’t meat as it was richly flavoured. I’d tried quorn in the past and he spotted it a mile off.

ForTheLoveOfCatFood Thu 07-Jan-21 13:14:47

Don’t bother
Blitz mushrooms in the food processor to make mushroom mince or green lentils either tinned or dried smile

tiredqueen Thu 07-Jan-21 13:11:57

What about turkey mince @Ohug ?

UntamedWisteria Thu 07-Jan-21 13:10:38

No need for Quorn or any of those fake meats.

Plenty of delicious pulses do the job just as well - red lentils, green lentils, aduki beans, etc etc etc...

Or Tofu if you want something processed.

ThatIsNotMyUsername Thu 07-Jan-21 13:07:30

And quorn mince does give me and ds horrible tummy aches (apparently it’s not that unusual). The cutlets and best of British sausages are ok though (but the vegan versions are horrible).

ThatIsNotMyUsername Thu 07-Jan-21 13:06:05

Use soya, although I don’t use anything in particular as a sub for ‘meaty’ things (ie a lasagne).

Ohug Thu 07-Jan-21 12:56:54

Well this thread has put me off even more. I wanted convincing to try it 😬

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PerditaNitt Thu 07-Jan-21 11:55:43

I like quorn. I use the chicken pieces in stirfries and mince in a number of meals.

If it doesn’t suit you, I’d recommend the Sainsbury’s frozen plant pioneers range instead. Their mince is lovely and I tried their chicken style pieces and they were really nice and easy to use.

Hyperion100 Thu 07-Jan-21 11:53:59

Switch to turkey mince if you just want to eat less beef.

Bluesmartiesandpandapop Thu 07-Jan-21 11:47:31

I like soya mince more, but if you are a meat eater and just trying to cut down the amount of meat and replace with more veg. I make chili with beans, 5 vegetables, lots of chopped tomatoes, hardly any beef mince but it gives it that lovely meaty flavour.

Quorn gives me the shits though, so I'm probably biased against it

ILoveShula Thu 07-Jan-21 11:44:14

Yes Beanfeast. Why did they stop making it?
Does anyone remember Realeat Vegeburgers?

Frownette Thu 07-Jan-21 11:38:25

I really like quorn and don't have an adverse reaction to it.

There have been several threads on here about people who do, however. I was at my friend's and made a quorn mince Bolognese, he wasn't paying attention and I didn't think to say until afterwards, when I asked if he liked quorn.

He was really surprised that it wasn't meat, luckily it didn't upset his stomach.

DressingGownofDoom Thu 07-Jan-21 11:35:57

Aw I love quorn but I grew up eating it.
Wish Batchelors would bring back Beanfeast! Made a lovely veggie bolognese.

Lesserspottedmama Thu 07-Jan-21 11:27:17

Be careful with fake meat, most have awful ingredients and are not good for the body at all. If you are not eating real meat then maybe just focus on veg, pulses etc.

Angel2702 Thu 07-Jan-21 11:22:52

Soya mince is better. Tesco range used to be so good but they’ve stopped doing most of it. If not puy lentils are lovely in mince based dishes.

unoeufisunoeuf1 Thu 07-Jan-21 11:22:26

I like the ready-to-eat cocktail sausages and am fine eating them, but the Quorn products labelled 'vegan' (so without egg) give me the same reaction others have described: stomach ache and mild diarrhea. It's incredibly processed, yucky stuff really. Just those pesky sausages are really tasty!

Frazzlefrazle Thu 07-Jan-21 11:21:27

You can get freeze dried soya mince which is great for bulking out mince meals. Tesco use to sell it. We haven't had it for ages as I just use red lentils now.

Sorry if someone else has suggested it, couldn't be bothered reading 4 pages about quorn grin

WitchesBritchesPumpkinPants Thu 07-Jan-21 11:20:35


Quorn is just a mushroom. It's bloody delicious and works really well in bolognese and curries etc.

The crispy nuggets are delicious

No it's not. It's really not

SpiderGwen Thu 07-Jan-21 11:19:11

The Quorn pieces are great if you marinate them before cooking. They have almost no taste but absorb flavours well and provide protein.

I like soy sauce, garlic and ginger marinade for a stir fry, or garlic, chillies and lime for stuffing fajitas or tacos.

The mince works well in chilli and bolognese but is best eaten the following day so the Quorn take on the flavour of the herbs and spices. I also add a good dollop of marmite to add depth of flavour to the meal. My marmite-hating children haven’t noticed.

I only use it rarely these days but it certainly is a handy source of animal-free protein.

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