Help me like quorn

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Ohug Thu 07-Jan-21 08:08:35

I think about what it is too much, isn't it some sort of fungus? It puts me off 😬

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TweeterandtheMonkeyman Thu 07-Jan-21 08:12:44

It gives me extreme stomach cramps and bloating! It’s the only thing I can’t eat , and I’ve tried a few times because it’s low-fat and veggie. It actually has a disclaimer that some people will be intolerant to it!!

Unmute Thu 07-Jan-21 08:13:17

Why do you need to like it? Eat something else.

InTheLongGrass Thu 07-Jan-21 08:22:30

Mushrooms mushrooms fungus too.
But it's not essential food group. If your not keen, eat something else.

sluj Thu 07-Jan-21 08:24:09

It makes me violently sick and apparently this is not uncommon so just be aware of this if you try it.

ScrapThatThen Thu 07-Jan-21 08:24:25

I wouldn't bother. Try the marinated tofu in stir fries instead.

Milomonster Thu 07-Jan-21 08:27:41

Makes be violently ill within minutes of eating it. The stomach pain, vomiting, sweats, runs is horrendous. I have no idea why there is no health warning on it.


Ohug Thu 07-Jan-21 08:27:44

I want a cheapish alternative to mince beef as we seem to be eating lots of it at the moment due to a fussy toddler!

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RickOShay Thu 07-Jan-21 08:33:46

I love the southern fried quorn nuggets. Also the burgers are good.
You could try mixing it in with meat mince maybe?

footprintsintheslow Thu 07-Jan-21 08:33:51

I wouldn't bother with quorn at all. Use green lentils instead of mince.

Namechangedforthisoct2 Thu 07-Jan-21 08:35:19

It makes me violently ill too, actually hospitalised me once - no response at all from the company either hmm

Basically eat anything but Quorn!

winterlites Thu 07-Jan-21 08:35:20

Quorn is just a mushroom. It's bloody delicious and works really well in bolognese and curries etc.

The crispy nuggets are delicious

raffle Thu 07-Jan-21 08:35:58

Loads of lentil recipes on line to use in place of mince

FippertyGibbett Thu 07-Jan-21 08:36:52

Try other meat substitutes.
The Linda McCartney duck tastes good, and I’m not vegetarian !

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 07-Jan-21 08:38:01

Its manufactured mould and it gives me the shits, I'm really intolerant to it it which apparently is quite common with quorn
Eat something else.

redcandlelight Thu 07-Jan-21 08:38:17

it tastes ok.
but it gives me the most foul gas and stomach cramps.

try it, maybe it agrees with you.

Heyahun Thu 07-Jan-21 08:38:29

Na It’s grim - I’m veggie and wouldn’t touch the stuff it really upsets my stomach too

I’d rather eat loadsa vegetables tbh you don’t need the meat alternatives really

What dishes are you using it in?

winterlites Thu 07-Jan-21 08:39:29

This thread seems to be an echo chamber for the few people that can't tolerate it. Never mind.

Lovemylittlebear Thu 07-Jan-21 08:42:28

There’s some much better options out there. There are loads of plant based meats that taste really nice. Some are pea protein, some soya protein, some mushroom etc. Just worth trying a few out and seeing what you like. My husband was the biggest meat eater going and has a quorn allergy and hated most veggie products I used to cook and then since all the plant based products came out he decided to stop eating meat because he prefers the other options. I think it’s called the impossible burger - tastes amazing smile

RainingBatsAndFrogs Thu 07-Jan-21 08:44:24

Try the Tesco frozen meat free vegetarian mince.
Made from soya protein.

Quorn is horrible stuff IMO.

stackhead Thu 07-Jan-21 08:45:05

Quorn mince is grim. The 'chicken' products are good though.

Look for the soy based mince items. Sainsburys do a range called plant pioneers and thats the best veggie mince i've come across.

But if you're looking to bulk out mince dishes just throw a handful of dried red lentils into the sauce (I used half the weight of the mince in lentils) - and add a bit more liquid.

Ebhc Thu 07-Jan-21 08:46:40


It makes me violently sick and apparently this is not uncommon so just be aware of this if you try it.

Same here. Awful stuff.

Lovemylittlebear Thu 07-Jan-21 08:46:41

Nope sorry it’s the Beyond meat burger that tastes really nice smile

Other tasty brands
Vivera- really nice bacon pieces
Meatless farm
Birdseye do burgers, Bolognese and meat balls that are actually quite nice too

chocolatespiders Thu 07-Jan-21 08:48:47

I love this

GymSloth Thu 07-Jan-21 08:49:43

Quorn is horrible! There are lots of different veggie mince brands which are much nicer. Vivera is a good one, or any supermarket own brands.

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